During the recent Esxence – The Scent of Excellence, renowned French designer and fragrance creator David Jourquin has unveiled his latest perfume from Vendome Collection: Cuir Vénitien. Persefume brings you first, exclusive news on this upcoming creation.

David Jourquin

As in case of all David Jourquin’s fragrances, the main theme is the leather – this time in bit more feminine version. Cuir Vénitien plunges us into a splendorous all night gala at a Venetian palace. The new fragrance celebbrates both Parisian chic and Venice, its lagoon, its palaces and truly festive, decadent spirit.


An all-night party in a rose-colored palace. Weaving her way through the tangled, dark, deserted streets that line the canals, she slinks, silently toward the shimmering lights. Hidden behind her carnival mask, the secret hope of a wild, endless evening looms in the shadows. All that is forbidden attracts her like a magnet. Laughter gradually chases the clouds from her eyes.


Elegant 100 ml bottle covered in Quartz Rose-coloured leather (official Pantone color of 2016) hides elegant composition perfectly blending leather notes with fruits, musk and rose.


Cuir Vénitien awakens from the depths of a dark night like a powdery dream shrouded in cedar and leather, delicately illuminated by a halo of white musk. The thrill of passion fruit and Prunol-tinted audacity is tamed by the warmth of May roses and fresh jasmine. And in its wake, it offers a stunning whirl wind of bergamot laced with bitter orange. From bold to innocent, Cuir Vénitien plays with our senses dancing back and forth, from Venice to Paris and Paris to Venice, paying tribute to love and harmony.

Head Notes: Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Aquatic Effect
Heart Notes: Plum, Prunol, Passion Fruit, May Rose, Fresh Jasmine
Base Notes: Atlas Cedar, Leather, White Musks

David Jourquin Cuir Vénitien will be available soon as Extrait de Parfum 100ml.

Pictures and quotes via David Jourquin – thank you for this exclusive preview!