Today on Persefume – the exclusive preview of Porter sa peau, new project by renowned still life photographer Roberto Greco, also known from his breathtaking perfume photoshoots.

Roberto Greco, self-portrait

As in the case of Oeilleres, Porter sa peau is the name of both art exhibition and perfume (or rather L’Objet Perfumant), this time composed with Givaudan’s star: Rodrigo Flores-Roux.

In the Porter sa peau (Wearing your Skin) series, I extract scenes from my memory in which my life is seen through distorting mirrors. The symbolism of the objects I stage is partly drawn from 17th century art,or sometimes imply viewed through my own prism. Each scene explodes into several new compositions that bolster the main narrative. As murky and misty as memory, these images’ asperities compel us to slow down in order to take them in more fully, at the risk of getting scratched by their hidden rough patches. Whether it is the way I envision my origins as an Italian born in Switzerland or father, or a tribute to my mother, this new photographic work is about me, leaning down to better see my own reflection. – Roberto Greco

The art exhibition will be divided into chapters, soon to be discovered at Porter sa peau website and during exhibition starting from 15 October 2020 in Parisian Galerie NeC:

« Dogs and Italians, keep out! » – Because I had to run after flags that were either too high or too far. To find my place between the restrained welcome of some, and the heated opposition of others. Because I’ve had to be agile to transfigure this duality into an identity

«Howling at the moon»Because in the comedy we play, you only have Pierrot’s first name. Beside you, Harlequin yelps without any echo. From ricochets to boomerangs.

« Madre lingua » – Because suspending the Angelus was seeing the world through diluvian love. And since the maternal tongue was never forked, it was useless to erect myself. After her, the deluge.

« Reflecting my Narcissus » – Because peeling off the surface is reaching the kernel. Interpreting psyche through a maze of surrealist mirrors. Unveiling a panorama, even if I have to invent it. Perceptual confusion precedes a certain clarity.

We can guess that most of our readers are interested in Porter sa peau L’Objet Parfumant – collaboration with renowned Rodrigo Flores-Roux who easily understood Roberto Greco’s art direction transforming paitings into scent “playing with perfect texture between an aldehyde cold and warm breath, a velvety but wet floral, and the weird sensation we have when we smell a skin which is not perfumed”.

Porter sa peau (Wearing my Skin) is the reflection of my way of thinking – deformed as it may be – and of my life experience. Wearing my skin like I’d wear blinders, to see better and farther, has beenmy way of looking into myself through a series of photographs. I have had to lean down to perceive the shimmering image of another me. Naturally, the narcissus flower was the obvious choice when I started thinking of this fragrance with the perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Beyond its symbolism, its ambivalent facets expressed the rawness of nature as well as a more carnal imagery. To materialize the grainy and misty texture I gave to my images, in which perceptual confusion gives way to a form of clarity, we have played on the nostalgia of aldehydes, blowing cool and hot facets. The floral down of pale hawthorn blends with the insidious velvet touch of moist flesh, before vanishing into the animalic fumes of salty musks and an ambergris accord.

Roberto Greco Porter sa peau L’Objet Parfumant will be available as limited edition of 500 numbered and signed pieces (175 EUR per 50ml) from Jovoy (FR), Auparfum (FR), Studio Olfattivo (IT), Parafarmacia Dr. Adbaya (IT) and Luckyscent in US.

Pictures and qoutes – Roberto Greco, thank you!