It is not a secret that Persefume loves Pissara Umavijani’s Parfums Dusita – we really adored first three extraits by this new and exciting Parisian house. Later this year talented Pissara will launch La Douceur de Siam and Le Sillage Blanc – her first two Eaux de Parfum, to be previewed soon at Pitti Fragranze 14. We already smelled them and here we are bringing more news, our double reviews plus nice giveaway for our readers!

Pissara Umavijani

Coming straight to the point:

La Douceur de Siam

A romantic new Oriental scent by Parfums Dusita, inspired by a joy in the gentle traditions and sensual fragrances of old Siam. Evoking classical elegance, serene beauty, hand-crafted silks, stunning gold finery, and the gentle poetry of life in a cyclorama of lush tropical gardens where divine natural fragrances linger seductively on the warm evening air. Intoxicating magic. Breathtaking allure. Elegant sophistication. A sublime new Oriental star is born. Soft and gentle yet richly sensual, with superb longevity for the big occasion, La Douceur de Siam provokes joy and fragrant contentment with an engagingly modern, yet classical elegance.

The twilight hour comes:
even my grief
is swept away by
the anonymity of life
– Montri Umavijani

The Opening: A heart-stopping blend of three fabulous flowers – rich Rose de Mai, fabulous Frangipani, creamy Champaca. Uplifting green notes of Carnation are balanced by the balsamic sweetness of Ylang Ylang Extra and Violet Leaf.

At the Heart: Soft, warm & creamy Sandalwood Mysore creates a unique and heavenly blend with an exceptional Thai Chalood Bark – a sensual, woody, vanillic spice accord from old Siam.

The Base Notes: An exclusive new Vanilla accord gives lasting harmony through a long dry down with the aphrodisiac scent of rare Amber and a seductive hint of priceless Ambergris.

JAKUB: What a positive, happy and seductive fragrance! It transport you straight to Thailand (and it is coming from the huge fan of Thai culture and cuisine). It brings me a vision of lush, tropical flowers, sweet deserts spiced with carnation and clove. Fizzy, optimistic and sensual at the same time. For long, warm nights – do not be fooled by EdP concentration – it stays on your skin for the whole day!

ALEKSANDRA: After three marvellous scents from Dusita, what we’ve got here is a pair of stunning beauties. I am so happy to be able to experience them on my skin! La Douceur de Siam is the more delicate one, with somewhat quirky yet gentle fruit note. It reminds me of soft, ripen pears kept in the fridge in a juice slightly spiced with cloves and champaca flowers. Take them out, cut into pieces and eat, one by one – they will just melt in your mouth. Delicious, careful and capricious scent.

Le Sillage Blanc

A fragrant poem by Parfums Dusita to a Mediterranean idylle, revisits freshness with a mixture of boldness and delicacy. A gorgeously green Leather Chypre inspired by the happiness enjoyed in expectation and great achievement. Waking to the sun high in a clear azure sky, ozone breeze off a deep blue sea blows gently through orange groves in a garden bounded by lush green Cypress. Success is in the air. It’s wonderful to be alive. Carpe diem! A stunning, all-natural, avant-garde Chypre, for men and women. Le Sillage Blanc, is enigmatically multi-faceted – sometimes bitter & fresh, sometimes exuding the smooth elegance of Ambrette Seed. An unexpected, sophisticated fragrance reflecting a confident and independent spirit. A uniquely positive and sensual inspiration.

Light fell on us –
a discreet light,
making its paved way
through the chill and dusty air,
as I was reading your love.
— Moment by Montri Umavijani

The Opening: A rich, bitter-sweet Orange Blossom & Neroli combo, a calming, quintessential living-in–the-moment fragrance, gently warmed by a sweet, almost caramel essence of earthy Tobacco Leaf.

At the Heart: The original, once definitive “masculine” accord of English Leather balanced by a subtle floral touch of Artemisia and a hint of intense green freshness from Persian Galbanum.

The Base Notes: An uplifting dry down is enhanced by the muskiness of rare Indian Ambrette Seed , rich, intoxicating Patchouli and the green , woody notes of French Oakmoss Absolute.

JAKUB: Ladies and gentlemen, the masterpiece is born and it is so good that it should be forbidden! Le Sillage Blanc has been inspired by vintage Bandit, but it is rather modern take of this Chypre theme (as why to repeat the theme when you can actually make it even better!). Complex, green, mossy scent with lot of oakmass and galbanum which projects on me like a beast (got 12hrs of great longevity and it brought me five compliments during one day including co-workers, my hairdresser and complete strangers!). Le Sillage Blanc is classy, strong, challenging and will please the most demanding perfume connoisseurs. For men in tuxedos, for ladies who love to seduce – or to be seduced.

ALEKSANDRA Le Sillage Blanc is by far one of the best scents I’ve smelt this year. Bold, mature and bubbly, this chypre brings back joy of perfumes into my life. I feel emotional about this, because I have this feeling less and less often, so when it comes, I’m almost tearful. What a courage! What a complexity! It lives on my skin and blinks at me, insolently! Shape-shifting, mostly green with sparks of gold, changing from hot to cold in a fraction of a second, evoking this tingling, happy feeling in my nostrils – what is it? What’s there? I want to chase it, not necessarily catch it – I guess this is the core of pleasure in any perfume. This one delivers it exceptionally well. I really am honoured to be able to try it and wear it. A power perfume, definitely.

Thanks to Pissara’s kindness we have three sample sets of La Douceur de Siam and Le Sillage Blanc for our readers. Just simply comment under this post (posts are moderated, will appear after approval), please perhaps also take a moment to check and like both Persefume and Parfums Dusita Facebook pages. This worldwide draw is open until 18th September 2016, with winners to be announced under this post. Good luck from Persefume and Dusita!

Pictures and quotes via Dusita Parfums – thank you!

Jakub (left) and Aleksandra (right)—photo edit by Jakub Grabarczyk Photography. All rights reserved.