East. Three Oriental gardens. Three imaginary legends. These are the themes of the new Philippe di Méo‘s Liquides Imaginaires trilogy: Eaux de l’Est which is coming shortly after the recent Beauté du Diable.

ORIENTAL GARDENS. From antiquity to more contemprorary times, the beautiful stories of the Oriental Gardens have always woven a link between the terrestrial and the celestial gardens to delight the senses. It is said that the garden reflects our society’s soul. Here are three legends that draw from fragrant imaginary gardens.

DESERT GARDEN. A vast expanse of sand which appears barren saw the budding of a unique flower within its vastness, brought there by a powerful wind. This FLEUR DE SABLE, crystalline and mineral, is the rare spice of this imaginary garden.

SILK GARDEN. In its airy amplitude, the sky gives rise to immaterial sensations. Caressed by the light of the sun, its silken threads run from cloud to cloud. This suspended garden of vegetal composition is a TAPIS VOLANT scented with flowers, spices and precious wood.

GARDEN IN THE WIND.The South wind breathed life into the Arabian horse, a mount of wind and light which crosses plains and continents from East to West. Like a wild and wandering vegetal garden, armed with its powerful and weathered leather, this thoroughbred is a BUVEUR DE VENT.

Eaux de L’Est trilogy comprises of:


Born from the whim of a whipping desert wind. Buried treasure laid bare by a hot scented breeze. Salty crystal petals baptized with dew. Liquid spark with delicately spicy hints. Its unique perfume is equaled only by its rarity. Queen of the dunes forever nourished by its boldness.

Head Notes: Pink Pepper, Vetiver / Elemi
Heart Notes: Eglantine, Paprika
Base Notes: Black Pepper, Myrrhe, Orris

Perfumer: Amélie Bourgeois (Flair Paris)


Born from a weightless dream of imaginary flight. Enchanted vehicle of a solar journey. Aerial magic with breathtaking maneuvers. Sensational fragrances that make you dizzy. Golden oriental carpet caressed by the sky. In never-ending waves silken and sensual.

Head Notes: Bergamot Essence Italy, Carrots Seeds Essence
Heart Notes: Cold Spices, Orris, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vetiver Essence Haïti, Sandalwood Essence Australia, Tonka Bean Absolute

Perfumers: Quentin Bisch & Nisrine Grillie (Givaudan)


Born from the saddle leather of a wild creature. Trailing its powerful fragrance as it passes. Stallion of light with fabulous strength. Created by a god from long ago. Whose power gives glory to his faithful. Exalted adornment like no other.

Head Notes: Petit Grain, Cypress, Lavender
Heart Notes: Clary Sage, Galbanum, Cedarwood Atlas
Base Notes: Leather, Sandalwood Australia, Oakmoss, Mate

Perfumer: Jordi Fernandez (Givaudan)

Liquides Imaginaires Eaux de L’Est are available from May 2019 as Eaux de Parfum 100ml, 180 EUR from authorised brand’s stockits.

Pictures and quotes – Liquides Imaginaires, thank you!