Franck Boclet – fashion designer and perfume creator has expanded his Rock and Riot Collection with The Vinyl Years trilogy of new fragrances, first previewed during TFWA show in Cannes and then launched in Italy by Aquacosmectics. Those new Extraits de Parfum now are expanding into the wider distribution and Persefume is happy to bring more news on those novelties.

This Black edition of Rock & Riot line is dedicated to The Vinyl Years from the sixties to the eighties. Totally in line with his DNA, Franck Boclet wanted to pay a tribute to the Rock’n Roll vibes, creating for each decade a fragrance, Woodstock, Vinyl and Freedom.


With the anniversary of Woodstock, the famous festival in the USA, Franck wanted to pay a tribute to this popular Pop Rock festival. Woodstock (Woodstock Music and Art Fair) was an emblematic gathering of the hippie culture in 1969 in the city of Bethel, New York state. The festival was the most important and popular rock festival. To celebrate the anniversary of 50 years old of Woodstock, Franck wanted a free inspiration of the vibe of the festival. The smells of a great concentration of people are mixed with the flavor of the Earth and its agriculture during summer. The fragrance starts with hesperid notes like the scents of Woodstock orchads. In the heart, we can find the notes of cannabis, dried fruits and savage flowers. Finally woody notes and patchouli give definiveley the vibes of Woodstock.

Woodstock is an hesperid floral woody harmony. The fragrance is inspired by the vibes of the festival.

Top notes: bergamot, bitter orange, lime
Heart notes: cannabis, dried fruits, hawthorn, apricot, osmanthus, ylang, wildflowers
Base notes: cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli


Then, the crazy Seventies were the period of consecration of the Pop and Rock ‘n Roll with the production of a lot of bands like Rolling Stones, Queen, the Clash, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix. The Seventies were definitively the apogee of the Rock, from Hard Rock to Punk. So, the second fragrance should be Vinyl. Rock’n Roll, nothing else than Rock ‘n Roll! Vinyl is inspired by the aromas of juice cocktails with lemon and tangerine, alcohol drinks like whisky coca, the smoke of tobaccoin nightclubs and rock concert halls. Finally in the base, orientalnotes like amber, patchouli and vanilla give a sweet touch and embalm the fragrance.

Vinyl is an oriental and woody harmony.The fragrance is inspired by the music of the Seventies in nightclubs and concert halls.

Top notes: tangerine, lemon, whisky, cola
Heart notes: whisky, patchouli, clove, heliotrope flower
Base notes: cigar, vanilla, amber, cedar, patchouli


Finally, Freedom is the wind of all the 3 decades. But the Eighties can be considered as the most prolific of musical genres, Nirvana for the Rock Grunge, Pop with Michael Jackson and Georges Michael. Everyone could create and exist. A lot of free radios were born. For this reason, the third fragrance is called Freedom. The fragrance starts with hesperid and aromatic notes giving a fresh sensation with bergamot, mandarin, basil, rosemary and carvi. In the heart, Freedom is symbolized by the atmosphere of Caribbean with rhum, passion fruit, monoï and tonka bean. Finally, oriental notes of vanilla and white musk give roundness to the patchouli note.

Freedom is a gourmand oriental harmony.The fragrance is inspired by the prolific creation of music during the Eighties.

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, basil, rosemary, carvi
Heart notes: vanilla, rhum, passion fruit, monoi, tonka bean
Base notes: vanilla, white musk, patchouli, oak moss

Franck Boclet Rock and Riot The Vinyl Years Collection is available from authorized stockists and offcial e-boutique as Extraits de Parfum 100ml, 185 EUR each.

Picture and quotes – thank you, Corinne Dupont – Fragrance Collection AG Ludovic Perrin!