Yes, it is high time for our Esxence – The Scent of Excellence reports! It was long, but so positive journey full of surprises which restored our hope in the artistic perfumery. Before we will tell you more, let’s start from our signature Persefume A-Z list of new launches, both from the main show and surrounding events. Our Jakub has carefuly collected all major debuts, some gossips and secret previews in one place – this summary will surely help you in creating your must-sniff notes.

In in aphabetical order:

Esxence – the main exhibition plus Experience Lab

27 87 – no new launches

Abaton – first time at Esxence, focus on the Chinotto collection
Absolument Parfumeur – no new launches
Acampora Profumi – updated brand image
Accendis – no new launches
Acqua di Portofino – relaunch of Borgo
Acqua di Stresa – four new scents in the Heritage Collection (including Macomber, The Queen, Diamonds Rain)
Adi Guru – first time at Esxence, 10 fragrances
Aedes de Venustas – no new launches
ÆTHER – Aextra (by Anso Behaghel, Flair Paris), Suprae (by Rodrigo Flores-Roux) from Iconics Synthetics Collection
Affinessence – no new launches
Ajmal – Purely Orient collection of 10 fragrances
Alchimista – Cocos Island
Alex Simone – official launch of Parfum Absolue series
Alexandre.J – Rose Alba
ALTAIA – focus on the last year’s Purple Land
Alyson Oldoini – preview of the 10 upcoming fragrances
Amorino – new brand
Amouroud Parfums – Silver Birch, Wet Stone (White Woods Collection)
Anfas by Asim Al Qassim – Watan Collection (Gaya, Ishq, Sakan, Watan)
Angela Ciampagna – no new launches
Angelo Caroli – no new launches
Anima Mundi – Triskell
Anna Paghera – no new launches
Antiqua Firenze – no new launches
Antonio Alessandria – preview of the upcoming fragrance (Fall 2019)
Atelier des Ors – Riviera Collection (Pomelo Riviera, Riviera Drive, Riviera Lazuli)
Atelier Oblique – focus on the 2018’s Bohemian Woods
Atkinsons 1799 – Another Side of the Oud; Tulipe Noire; The Joss Flower; four new essence oils versions (for 4 Old Bond Street, Rose in Wonderland, Oud Save The Queen and Oud Save The King); general release of Falling in Leaves

Begim – brand from Uzbekistan, first time at Esxence
Beso Beach – 2018 brand by Carner Barcelona with Bendito Beso, Beso Canalla and Beso Negro
Blackbird – Pipe Bomb Pink, Universal Supreme
Blend Oud – Voyage Memories collection (Angkor Night, Santal Pondicherry, Tupai Love)
Boadicea The Victorious – Adoration, Empowered, Joyous plus focus on 2018’s Violet Sapphire
Bois 1920 – Cannabis Collection (Cannabis, Cannabis Fruttata);Insieme; Oro Rosso
Bottega Profumiera – no new launches

Calé Fragranze d’Autore – Libera Mente
Carner Barcelona – Fresh Collection (Bo-Bo, Fig Man, Salado)
Carthusia I Profumi di Capri – Tuberosa (by Luca Maffei), new interior collection
Chabaud Maison de Parfum – focus on the Pasayges Olfactifs collection
Coquillete Paris – OlaUna
Cupid – no new launches

Dali Haute Parfumerie – no new lauches
Danhera Italy – Efesto Jewels collection
Dear Diary – no new lauches
DFG 1924 – new Storie d’Amore collection by Roberto Dario: Il Sentierio degli Dei, La Baia di Jasmine, Non Dire No
Dorin – Tower (new version of Un Air de Paris)

E-Suitcase – focus on the 8 current fragrances composed by Luca Maffei and Carbonnel: Arco-Balena, Ciao Stronzo, Giramondo, J-Eva, My Airbag, Oca Giuliva, Party Amo, Tempo Perso. Coming later in 2019: Stra-Vacanza, Ehi, The Likes, I Dea, Iter ad Mentem, Gulliver, Miral
Eau d’Italie – Easy to Love
Eight & Bob – new Annicke collection additions: Annicke 4, Annicke 5, Annicke 6
Élisire – no new lauches
Emmanuel Levain – no new lauches
Esse Strikes the Notes – no new lauches
Essential Parfums – first time at Esxence, 2018 brand of five high-quality, yet affordable fragrances
État Libre d’Orange – Experimentum Crucis
Eutopie – no new lauches
Evody Parfums – Collection Cachemire of Extraits de Parfum 30ml: Citè Onirique, Desert Nocturne, Sable Pourpre
Extrait D’Atelier – Maitre Jardiner (by Bertrand Duchaufour); new travel sprays

Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561 – no new lauches
Filippo Sorcinelli – Epicentro; I remember when in Mondolfo… Home Collection
Fort & Manlé – focus on the recent Forty Thieves and Rasei Forte Kolonya, new scent scent is coming later this year
FO’AH PERFUMES WITH A SOUL – no new lauches
Fragrances du Bois – no new lauches
Francesca dell’Oro Parfum – There’s a Place
Franck Boclet – Ivory Collection (Be My Wife, Just, Married, Blue Moon, Velvet) and Café (from Fragrance Collection)

Gabriella Chieffo – 1,2,3, Stella!
Genyum – first time at Esxence, new brand from Barcelona with Painter, Ballerina and Scultpor fragrances
Giardino Benessere – Oceania, Rea (Titans Collection), Hashabis
Goldfield & Banks – Velvet Splendour
Gritti – 19-68, Tutu Extrait de Parfum, general release of Fenice; presentation of Arabic-themed Choix collection
Gustave Eiffel – Anne de Russie, Couronne d’Italie

Hervé Gambs – three Ice Colognes: Ice Land, Ice Lemon, Ice River ; Tonka Majestic
Hiram Green – Lustre plus focus on the recent Hyde
Histoires de Parfums – focus on the classic 1969 fragrance with its new bodyline additions
Homoelegans – Like A Jewel (by Luca Maffei)
Houbigant Paris – focus on Essence Rare by Jean-Claude Ellena and preview of new version of Mon Boudoir (by Luca Maffei)
House of Sillage – The Classic, The Formal, Whispers of Truth
Hugh Parsons – no new lauches

I Fiori del Male (previously Rancon) – new additions: Iris Obscur, Ylang Addictif (both by Luca Maffei); new collection Gourmand1, Gourmand2, Gourmand3 by Maurizio Cerizza, new body jellies and candles
I Profumi del Marmo – Travertine
IO••KO 1954 – I•Metaphor
Isabey Paris – no new lauches

J. Lesquendieu – no new lauches
J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin – 20/20
J.U.S. – first time at Esxence
Jacques Fath – focus on Fath’s Essentials Vol.3
Jacques Zolty – Havana Collection of five fragrances: Cubata, Havana Rain, Leonella, Me Gustas, Sobero
Jardin de Parfums – Black Musk
Jeroboam – Ligno
Jovoy Parfumeur Parisien – Touche Finale

Kajal Perfumes – no new launches

L’Adoné – no new launches
L’Arc Parfums – Boreale
L’Atelier français des matières – first time at Esxence
L’Orchestre Parfum – preview of the upcoming fragrance
Laboratorio Olfattivo – Masters Collection (Baliflora and Tuberosis by Jean-Claude Ellena, Tantrico and Veryverso by Lucien Ferrero)
La Closerie des Parfums – new brand, first time at Esxence with its Rose and Oud collections
La Maison de La Vanille – no new launches
La Manufacture – rebranding, repackaging and two new creations: BoHaras and Reve Ottoman
La Perla Home Fragrances – no new launches
Le Galion- no new launches
Lengling Parfums Munich – no new launches
Linari – no new launches
Locherber – Mannequin
Lôr Paris – new brand to be launched in September 2019 with five fragrances by Natalie Feisthauer
Lucien Ferrero Maître Parfumeur – new Kaon brand with three creations: Par Amour Pour Elle, Pour Lui and Seringa Blanc

M.INT – Flight Mode, Fashion Intervention
Maison Incens – Musc Dahabii; collection Coeur de Musc/Oud/Rose is finally coming to the market in Summer 2019
Maison Laugier – no new launches
Maison Rebatchi – Tassili (by Alienor Massenet); preview of Musc Panache (codename) by Maurice Roucel
Maison Thibaud Bourahla – L’Indigene, preview of the new collection
Maître Parfumeur et Gantier – Patchouli 1969
Majda Bekkali – Tendre Est La Nuit Clair
MALBRUM – no new launches
Mancera – Instant Crush, Soleil d’Italie
Manos Gerakinis – Jardin Secret
Map of The Heart – focus on the recent vol.7 White Heart
Mark Buxton – new candles
Masque Milano – Kintsugi; Love Kills
Mauro Lorenzi Profumi first time at Esxence, 9 fragrances in total
MDCI – focus on the recent The Paintings Collection of three fragrances
Mendittorosa- Ithaka (Odori d’Anima Collection), Talento (Talismans Collection)
Meo Fusciuni – Spirito
Mille Centum- first time at Esxence, three scents from Montecristo Deleggend collection
Miller et Bertaux – menta y menta
Mirum – focus on the Fantasia collection
Miss Hair Perfect – new brand, fist time at Esxence
Miya Shinma – no new launches
Monom – no new launches
Montale Paris – Oud Dream, Ristretto Intense Cafe, Sensual Instinct, Vetiver Patchouli
Mood – new brand, fist time at Esxence
Moresque – Royal; White Duke
Moth and Rabbit – fragrances formerly known from La Folie a Plusieurs portfolio plus new launches: Clueless, Single Man
MUSIC DE PARFUM – no new launches

Naso di Raza – Esmeralda (by Luca Maffei) and Use Black (by Maurizio Cerizza)
Nejma – no new launches
NE’EMAH – no new launches
Nicolaï Parfumeur-Créateur – focus on the Cap Neroli, new fragrance is coming later this year
Nishane – Ani (by Cecile Zarokian), Florane and Muskane Demi Extraits, Nefs, Safran Colognise, Unutamam (by Miguel Matos); new 100ml bottles for brand’s bestsellers; new candles
Nobile 1942 – new home collection

Officina delle Essenze – no new launches
Olfactive Studio – preview of the new Sepia Collection additions coming in Fall 2019: Iris Shot, Rose Shot, Violet Shot (fragrances by Dominique Ropion inspired by Roberto Greco’s images)
Olfacto – new brand from Africa, 10 fragrances in total
Olfattology – no new launches
Olibere Paris – focus on the recent Les Insoumises and Les Mythiques collections by Luca Maffei
Olivier Durbano – no new launches, focus on the recent Pyrit Ana Tra
Omanluxury – Beliflore, Khanjar
Omnia Profumi – Fabrizio Tagliacarne Icio; Relazione Olfattive Animanobile and Evodia
Onyrico – Ingenium
Optico – no new launches
Ormonde Jayne – Elixir Collection of 5 fragrances

Panama 1924 – no new launches
Pantheon Roma – Sempre Mio (Harrods’ exclusive)
Paolo Gigli – no new launches
Papillon Rouge – Sans Nuages
PARCO 1923 – no new launches
Parfum M. Micallef – Collection Botanique of 5 fragrances; DesirToxic; also showcased: Rose et Marius collection and Marianne Venderbosch & M.Micallef Collection
Parfums CIRO – no new launches
Parfums d’Elmar – new brand with three scents by Mark Buxton
Parfums Dusita – Splendiris
Paul Emilien – Vent d’Orient
Perfume.Sucks – Black, Living Coral plus two perfumed car washer fluids
Perris Monte Carlo – Les Parfums de Grasse (Jasmin de Pays, Rose de Mai) Collection by Jean-Claude Ellena and Arancia Sicilia – new addition to Italy Collection composed by Gianluca Perris
Philly & Phill – Railway to the Rooftop
Photogenics + Co – new brand, first time at Esxence
Pierre Guillaume Paris – Helioscents collection: Heliaflora, Sunsuality, Swim/SX; Phaedon Bapteme Ambre and Ciel Immobile
Pineider – no new launches
PLUMAGES – new brand, first time at Esxence with five scents by Bertrand Duchaufour and Anso Behaghel (Flair Paris)
Plume Impression – new brand, first time at Esxence with six creations
Premiere Note – focus on the recent Mimosa Astral and Pera Malta
Prudence – Miobor
Puredistance – Aenotus

Rajani – new brand with four creations: Ashanti, Goa, Narjis, Oltrenero
Ramon Molvizar – no new launches
Rancé 1795 – Desiree (by Maurizio Cerizza); Maquis Provenval
Rania J. – Musc Moschus
Regalien – Lucky Collection of five fragrances: Club of Iris, Diamond of Velvet, Heart of Rose, Spade of Vetiver
Régime des Fleurs – no new launches
Renier Perfumes – Behique, De Lirius
RHIZOME – new brand from Italy, first time at Esxence with five creations numbered from 01 to 05
RNC 1838 – Lait & Menthe body line
ROOM 1015 – focus on the 2018’s Hollyrose and Ten Fifteen
Roos & Roos – no new launches
Rosendo Mateu – the latest launch: no.6
Royal Crown – Isabella
RPL Parfums – I Jardin Byzantine

Sandalia Luxury Collection – Nixias
Santi Burgas – focus on the last year’s Primal Waters and Eau Dadette
Sarah Baker – new packaging for all creations including recent Jungle Jezebel, Charade and Atlante; debiuting fragrance: Rules of Attracton (by Miguel Matos)
SCENT MAKER – new brand, first time at Esxence
Signature – Gold
Signature Fragrances – no new launches
Simimi – preview of Bondage Naif
Simone Andreoli – new Heritage Collection: Fico Nero di Sardegna, Mandorla di Noto, Zest di Sorrento
Soul Couture Parfum – no new launches
State of Mind – no new launches
Step Aboard – new brand, first time at Esxence, collection of five hair and body sprays inspired by Milano, four of them composed by Bertrand Duchaufour
Stephane Humbert Lucas – Panthea Iris
Steve Martin Perfume – new brand, first time at Esxence
Sulékó – new fragrances in making

Teatro Fragranze Uniche Firenze – Rose Oud
Thameen – Patiala; Royal Sapphire
The Gate Fragrances Paris – no new launches
The Harmonist – no new launches, focus on the recent Yin Transformation
The Spirit of Dubai – Turath (Generation 1 collection)
The Woods Collection – Moonlight
Thomas Kosmala – Bukhoor
THOO- Be Glazed, new candles, preview of 7ml travel sprays
Tiziana Terenzi – Encke, Hale Boop, Halley, Temple (Comet Collection); Borea, Siene (Classic Black/Gold line); Arrakis, Drakonis (Golden Star collection); Myzir, Orionis, Lyncis (Assoluto Collection)
Tonatto Profumi – no new launches

Uèrmì Fragrance Collection – complete rebranding: new packaging, logo, travel spray sets plus three debuting creations: Nu Leather (by Luca Maffei), new formulas for VE Velvet (also by Luca Maffei) and WE Tweed (by Jean Jacques)

V Canto – Fili, Posi
Verdúu – no new launches
Vertus – no new launches

Washington Tremlett – no new launches
Welton London – Bliss Collection: Baicha, Keemum, Ryoukucha, Sencha

XPEC – no new launches

Outside the main Show:

At Carbonnel showroom:

Neandertal – preview of upcoming creations
Miguel Matos – Veneno and four new signature fragrances: Germaine, Miracle of Roses, Sailor Stories, Silver Stone
QVRO & JOOS – new brand
Ramon Monegal – The New Paradise; relaunch of Hand in Hand Rose & Oud (White Collection), Ole (Spanish Collection), Alhambra Oud (Don’t Touch My Ouds Collection)
Zoologist – secret preview of several to be released fragrances

At Campomarzio Essential Days (Italian debuts):

Casamorati – Grooming and Beard collections
Ex Nihilo – Lust in Paradise
Memo – hair perfumes for Irish Leather, French Leather, Marfa; car diffuser
Parle Moi de Parfum – Papyrous Oud 71; Gardens of India

Moreover previews of:

Gini Fragrances – new brand
LM Parfums – Soleil Infidèle
Nayassia Paris – new brand
Nomenclature – fluor-ral (by Natalie Feisthauer)
Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor /Granada España – Motcha Nono (with Jorge Lee and Tomoo Inaba)
Une Nuit Nomade – Jardins de Misfah
Widian – Gold II Sahara, Rose Arabia Collection (Almond, Lily, Taifi), New York from Sapphire Collection

Feel to share this list with qouiting us – we will come back soon with more exciting stories and reviews. Missing something? Just let us know -and see you soon in our Persefume Best of Esxence report. Lot of love from Jakub and Aleksandra.

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