Some days passed since Esxence – The Scent of Excellence, so it is the high time the for our Persefume signature column: A-Z list of all Esxence 2018 launches plus those presented during other supporting Milanese events: UNSCENT, Campomarzio 70 Essential Days and private presentations (mostly taking place in the nearby Principe di Savoia hotel, or other surrounding locations).
It is always tremendous work to count all those showcased novelties and secret previews, talk to brand owners, distributors, perfumers and read hundreds of catalogues, or press releases – but I have done it all and put it in one, practical list which you can find just on our page. It is also the perfect entry to our upcoming Persefume Besf of Esxence report as the 10th edition of this Milanese exhibition was full of surprises!

Let us go through novelties then:

ESXENCE 2018 LAUNCHES (excluding skincare EXSKIN section):
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27 87 – no new launches, next scent coming soon

ABSOLUMENT PARFUMEUR – Luxury Overdose Pluie d’Osmanthe
ACCENDIS – Fiorialux; Luca Dulcis
ACQUA DI PORTOFINO – Faro (nose: Maurizo Cerizza)
AEDES DE VENUSTAS – Musc Encense (nose: Ralf Schwieger)
AETHER – new Iconic Synthetics collection: Hypear, Ultrae, Supear, Xtraem
AFFINESSENCE – no new launches, focus on recent Cuir Curcuma and Musc Ambre Gris
ALCHIMISTA – no new launches
ALEX SIMONE – preview of Les Parfum Absolus French Riviera available in: Villa Simone, Tellement Bleu, En Terrasse
ALEXANDRE.J – new Atelier d’Artistes Collection with E1, E2, E3, E4, E5 composed by Flair Paris and Emma Doghri
ALTAIA – no new launches, focus on the latest Tuberose in Blue
ALYSON OLDOINI – no new launches
AMOUROUD – Oud Tabac; White Woods Collection: Lunar Wood, White Hinoki
ANFAS BY ASIM AL QASSIM – focus on the recent collection
ANGELA CIAMPAGNA – De Vita Collection (Vita Morte e Miracoli – Life Death and Miracles): Laetitia Scented Water, Miracula and Materia Extraits de Parfum
ANGELO CAROLI – new premium offerings in Oud and Colortful Collections: Ambra Oud, Incenso Indiano, Orchidea Nera Oud, Rosa Nera Oud, Sandalo Imperiale, Tabacco & Vanilla; Burj al-Arab (exclusive hotel fragrance)
ANIMA MUNDI – focus on the whole, new 2017 line by creators of Onyrico
ANNA PAGHERA – no new launches
ANTIQUA FIRENZE – focus on the whole 2017 line by Enzo Galardi
ANTONIO ALESSANDRIA – sneak peak of upcoming fragrance, code name: Fara
AQABA – showcase of the new “The Wedding” trio
ATKINSONS – Mint & Tonic
AS COSMECEUTIC LABOR – F&F: Efesto Eau de Parfum composed by Claudia Scattolini
AU PAYS DE LA FLEUR D’ORANGER – L’Eau de Gina (nose: Nathalie Feisthauer)

BARUTI – focus on the latest Room Sprays
BJÖRK & BERRIES – Moonflower
BLACKBIRD – first time at Esxence, focus on the full collection including the latest Y06-S
BLEND OUD – Voyage Collection: Gold Oud, Oud Marrakech, Oud Saphire, Oud Zanzibar
BOIS 1920 – no new launches
BOTTEGA PROFUMIERA – no new launches, updated packaging (new handmade caps)
BRUNO ACAMPORA PROFUMI – Ruby (Pink Chocolate Fragrance)

CALÉ FRAGRANZE D’AUTORE – Sottosopra and updated packaging for the whole collection
CARNER BARCELONA – Oriental Collection: Ambar del Sur, Botafumeiro, Megalium plus preview of Volcano from the Black Collection
CARVEN – full focus on the Collection Carven (7 travel-inspired creations)
CASTLE FORBES – Sandalwood
CHABAUD MAISON DE PARFUM – Caprice De Sophie plus luxury set
COQUILLETE PARIS – no new launches, focus on the latest Vesuvius

D.S. & DURGA – focus on the full line incl. e.g the recent Vio-Volta
DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE – no new launches, focus on three existing collections
DFG 1924 – secret preview of upcoming fragrance
DI SER – Jinko
DORIN – focus on the recent Al Khamsa line (Abeyan, Haddiah, Hamdani, Koheilan, Saklawi), also showcased at stand: Be Bop fragrances

EAU D’ITALIE – Fior Fiore (nose: Olivier Cresp)
EIGHT & BOB – no new launches
ÉLISIRE – no new launches
ÉTAT LIBRE D’ORANGE – preview of I AM TRASH / Les Fleurs du Déchet (launch in September 2018)
ETERNAL BY AJMAL – Ajmal Qafiya 03 and 04
ETERNEL GENTLEMAN – first time at Esxence, new line of five scents by Samuel Akata
E-SUITCASE – new travel-inspired brand concept (15 scents) distributed by Nobile 1942
EUTOPIE – Eutopie No. 11
EVODY PARFUS – no new launches, focus on the latest Collection Galerie
EXTRAIT D’ATELIER – the official launch of Maître Céramiste (noses Maurizio Cerizza and Luca Maffei)

FO’AH – new line created with first collection Mémoires d’Une Palmeraie: 02, 08, 11, 14, 17 (noses: Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard of Givaudan)
FRANCESCA DELL’ORO – focus on the recent Black Serie by Bertrand Duchaufour
FRANCK BOCLET – Rock and Riot: Nude Collection (Icon, Erotic, Crime) plus Vetiver, Flowers in the classic line

GAS BIJOUX – Fleur de Tanger, Vanille Massai join the first Ensoleille moi
GIARDINO BENESSERE – Crio, Febe, Kronos, Thetis
GOLDFIELD & BANKS AUSTRALIA – first time at Esxence: Australian line of 5 scents
GRITTI – BRA Series: Chanitlly, Macrame, Rebrode; Tangerina in I Turchesi series plus room diffusers
GUSTAVE EIFFEL PARFUMS – La Rivière des Parfums<

HADARAH – six new creations
HAYARI PARIS – new ORIGINE collection: Âme Fauve, Esprit Infini, Secret Mystique
HEMP CARE – The Scent: signature scent of the skincare line
HERVÉ GAMBS – Eden Palace, Iris Royal (by Anso Behaghel, Flair Paris), Oud Plaza
HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS – focus on the recent En Aparte trio plus This is not A Blue Bottle 1.4 (Sylvie Jourdet) and 1.5 (Luca Maffei)
HOMOELEGANS – Song For A Rising Sun, Ivre de Vie
HOUBIGANT PARIS – preview of Bois Mystique (nose: Luca Maffei)
HUGH PARSONS – no new launches
HUYGENS PARIS – first time at Esxence with three classics and upcoming creations: Goldmund, Le Levant, Moon River

I PROFUMI DEL MARMO – Art Collection: Bugia, Eminentia, Rosso Verona (all limited editions)
I PROFUMI DI D’ANNUNZIO – Il Fuoco, Notturno (noses: Maurizio Cerizza, Luca Maffei)
IMAGINARY AUTHORS – no new launches
IO•KO 1954 – I.Iokoro
ISABEY PARIS – Tendre Nuit

J. LESQUENDIEU – French brand, first time at Esxence, five creations: Bonne Fortune, Feu de Bengale, Glorilis, Lesquendieu le Parfum, Lilice
J.F. SCHWARZLOSE BERLIN – no new launches, focus on the recent collections
JACQUES FATH – L’Iris de Fath, new Fath Essentials quartet will arrive next year
JACQUES ZOLTY – J’Suis Snob, Private Session
JARDIN D’ÉCRIVAINS – Focus on the recent Splash Colognes trio
JARDIN DE FRANCE – Sources d’Orgines: Feu Primitif and Air Elemental
JARDIN DE PARFUM – presentation of three brands: Papaverum Parfums (Hypnotic Opium, Oracle, Oud Riviera, Papavero Nero, Saffron Flower, White Oud); Unique (Perfect Amber, Love Letter, Shade of Love, Silver Flame) and five The White Essentials creations
JEROBOAM – preview of new white flowers Extrait (launch in Summer 2018)
JOVOY PARFUMEUR PARISIEN – Remember Me (nose: Cecile Zarokian)

KAJAL PERFUMES – Joorie, Warde, Jihan, Yasmina

L’ADONÉ – Elenya Black, Elenya White (nose: Andreas Wilhelm)
L’ARC PARFUMS – focus on recent Argentium Halo de Lune and Boréale Vallée d’Etoiles
L’ORCHESTRE PARFUM – first time at Esxence: 2017 French line created with perfumers of Flair Paris
LA MAISON DE LA VANILLE – new Continental Spirit collection: Belle Rencontre, Nuit a Salzbourg, Blue Oia, Noir Toscane, Arty Positiano
LA PERLA HOME FRAGRANCE – new home range licensed by La Perla
LE GALION – L’Ame Perdue
LENGLING PARFUMS MUNICH – No.9 Wunderwind plus three Hair Mists for Sekushi, El Pasajero and In Between
LES BAINS GUERBOIS – first time at Esxence, French line of five scents composed by Bertrand Duchaufour, Dorothee Piot and Michel Almairac.
LES EAUX PRIMORDIALES: in signature collection: Couleur Primaire, new Superctique Collection trio: Gardenia Supercritique, Champaca Supercritique, Rose Supercritque; preview of six scents in the Superfluide Collection
LINARI – no new launches, focus on the recent Capelli D`Oro
LM PARFUMS – Radikal Collection: Radikal Iris, Radikal Water Lily, Radikal Lotus

M.INT – new Italian brand with 20 creations
MADE IN PIGALLE – new French brand with 9 Les Parisians creations
MAISON DE PARFUM BERRY – preview of two unnamed fragrances
MAISON INCENS – Ambre Ayanna (Moroccan Tales line)
MAISON THIBAUD BOURAHLA – L’Indigène in Parfum and EdP, new Crystal d’Afrique EdP
MAJDA BEKKALI – new 50ml bottles and new packaging for Sculptures Olfactives
MANCERA PARIS – Gold Incense, Hindu Kush, Purple Flowers, Wild Python
MAP OF THE HEART – preview of White Heart v.7
MARK BUXTON PERFUMES – new image of the collection (repackaging, updated names)
MASQUE MILANO – Act II Scene III (homage to) Hemingway (perfumer: Fanny Bal)
MDCI – no new launches
MENDITTOROSA ODORI D’ANIMA – Lacura Extrait de Parfum (Time Without Time collection, nose: Anso Behaghel, Flair Paris)
MILLER ET BERTAUX – Tulsivivah !
MIYA SHINMA – focus on the recent L’Eau De Miya Shinma Collection
MONOM – Florea
MONTALE PARIS – Aqua Gold, Fantastic Oud, Orchid Powder, Vanilla Cake
MORESQUE – Re Nero, Sahara Blue, Oro

NASO DI RAZA – no new launces
NEJMA – Le Fabuleux, Le Merveilleux, Le Mystérieux; Nejma 1-7 in Extraits versions; KoEptYs
NISHANE – Le Petit Prince: B-612, Vain & Naïve; Colognisé; new 15ml bottles; preview of handmade candles
NOBILE 1942 – Il Sentiero degli Dei, MALVS, Il Capriccio del Maestro (Campomarzio 70 exclusive)
NOMENCLATURE – holy_wood plus preview of new para_iso (nose: Frank Voekl)

OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE – no new launches
OLFACTIVE STUDIO – Flash Back in New York (nose: Jerome Epinette)
OLFATTOLOGY – no new launches
OLIBERE – Les Mythiques: Dangerous Rose, Leather Attraction, Chemical Love Extraits de Parfum; Les Insoumises: Le Jardin d’Amélie, Le Jardin de Madame Chan, Le Jardin de Mistinguet (all by Luca Maffei)
OLIVIER DURBANO – limited edition Extraits de Parfum in Labradorite and Black Tourmaline
OMNIA PROFUMI – Diamante; new customized bottles
ONYRICO – Artimitia
OPTICO – first scent in the sub-brand BSX (Best Smelling Xperience)
ORMONDE JAYNE – focus on the latest Ambre Royal, White Gold

PANAMA 1924 – focus on the latest Amaryllis Bianco
PANTHEON ROMA – full focus on the recent Cosi Blu
PAPILLON ROUGE – new at Esxence: French brand with 11 fragrances
PARCO 1923 – Scarpetta di Venere (nose: Luca Maffei)
PARFUMS CIRO – relaunched German brand with scents Chevalier de la Nuit, Floveris, L’Heure Romantique, Maskée, Le Chypre Du Nil, Ptah
PARFUMS DUSITA – official launch of Erawan and Fleur de Lalita
PARFUMS M. MICALLEF – Mon Parfum Pearl, Secrets of Love: Spiritual; limited Alex Doll & M.Micallef bottles
PARFUMS QUARTANA – preview of Les Potions Fatales candles
PAUL EMILIEN – preview of Suite Royale – new scent in the Premium Collection
PERFUME SUCKS – Purple, Yellow
PERRIS MONTE CARLO – Bergamotto di Calabria, Cedro di Diamante and Mandarino di Sicilia (Gian Luca Perris and/or Luca Maffei)
PHILLY & PHILL – Punks in Paradise
PINEIDER – no new launches
PLACE DES LICES – no new launches
POULAGE PARFUMEUR – focus on classic quartet, new coffret edition (with handmade caps)
PREMIERE NOTE – Figue Barbare, Pera Malta plus new floral scent, new image for Aura Tonka
PUREDISTANCE – no new launches, updated Travel Sprays packaging

RANCÉ 1795 – Alchimie de Matin, Rue de Soleil (composed by Luca Maffei)
RANÇON – new Italian brand debuting with Rose Narcotique, Tubereuse Malefique, Violette Lysergique (nose: Luca Maffei)
RÉGIME DES FLEURS – preview of new collection (details not to be yet diclosed)
ROSE CO MANCHESTER – no new launches
ROSENDO MATEU – focus on the signature line of five fragrances
ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE – no new launches, focus on travel sets
ROYAL CROWN – new Royal Collection: Imperator, Khan, Sultan, Tzar, Kabel
RPL PARFUMS – XIX Rose Mytique; XX Brise Venitienne

S.ISHIRA – new Icy Duo; new collection PHI Confidential Ratios (six creations)
SAMMARCO – the official launch of Yael
SANDALIA LUXURY COLLECTION – new premium line by Acqua di Sardegna, six fragrances: Coros, Boeli, Miana, Othoca, Lo, Karaly
SANTI BURGAS – focus on Palindrome III plus limited Lemon Chalk Soap
S.ESSE STRIKES THE NOTES – new brand withAnita, Donatella, Miranda, Priscilla
SIGNATURE FRAGANCES LONDON – Focus on Extraits de Parfum collection of 9 scents: Cool Demure, English Oud, Fruity Fusion, Isparta Rose, Lola Intense, London Leather, Santal Couture, Sublime Oud, White Tea Rose
SIMIMI – no new launches
SIMONE ANDREOLI DIARIO OLFATTIVO – Malibu – Party in the Bay, Pacific Park
STATE OF MIND – no new launches
STEPHANE HUMBERT LUCAS – the new fragrance, dode name: The Wood for Love
SUIGENERIS – 10, 27, 35
SULMONA ESSENZA – Femme and Homme
SYLVAINE DELACOURTE – new Vanilla-themed line with Vangelis, Vahina, Virgile, Vanori, Valkyrie; Équinoxe de Printemps candle

TALISMANS COLLEZIONE PREZIOSA – Sirio Extrait de Parfum (nose: Amelie Bourgeois, Flair Paris)
TEATRO FRAGRANZE UNICHE FIRENZE- focus on the recent Oro line
THAMEEN – no new launches
THE GATE FRAGRANCES PARIS – Love Collection: Ivory Temptation, Secret Encounter; four new Oud entries: Desert Caravan, Pure OUDdiction, Oud Tonic, UnderOUD
THE HARMONIST – new French line, first time at Esxence: 10 Elixirs inspired by Feng Shui
THE HOUSE OF OUD – Colorful line: Just Before, Live in Colors, The Time
THE MERCHANT OF VENICE – Venetian Blue Intense
THE SPIRIT OF DUBAI – no new launches, focus on both Generation collections
TIZIANA TERENZI – Afrodite, Dionisio (Anniversary collection); Mirach, Sirrah (Luna Collection)
TONATTO – focus on the recent Dama, Re, Aperion, Nerola, Vibrunum, Palo Santo, Freyja; new artistic EDI Essenza Design Italiano edition

UÈRMÌ FRAGRANCE COLLECTION – OR ± Damask (by Maurice Roucel), SO ± Satin, UR ± Silk19 (both by Alexandra Carlin)

V CANTO – Stramonio, Cianuro, Curaro, Ricina

VERDÚU – Matthew Miller (nose: Mark Buxton)

WATERS+WILD – teaser of the new fragrance
WELTON LONDON – no new launches
WIDE SOCIETY – LE PARFUM EN LIBERTÉ: the new brand by The Different Company with six travel-inspired scents: Acqua Travelis, Night Train, Nubes, Sign of Times, Suite #6 Up In The Air (composed by Emily Coppermann and Alexandra Monet)

ZARKO PERFUME – focus on the recent Cloud Collection

Photo by Persefume

Selected new launches at other, supporting events:

ADJIUMI – two scents (tuberose and vetiver based) created for this Italian perfume group by Arturetto Landi
ATELIER DES ORS – Bois Sikar; White Collection: Nuda Veritas, Crépuscule des Âmes, Chœur des Anges; Musc Immortel (previously Harrods-exclusive) will join the permanent line-up soon
FABIO LO COCO FRAGRANCES – public presentation of 2017’s Moorish and Oud Nalang
JEALOUS – new fragrance line
LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE – Ballerina No.4, Le Magnolia
ROBERT PIGUET – L’Entier; Oud Delice – the 200ml Deluxe Edition
RUBINI – the new scent is finally ready, launch later this year!
UNE NUIT NOMADE: Une Nuit a Montatuk: Bohemian Soul
UNUM – secret preview of the upcoming fragrance
VISITEUR – preview of new collection trio coming in September 2018, more info soon.
WIDIAN – Hili (part of Velvet Collection)
XERJOFF – Xerjoff Pikovaya Dama (now in the permanent line-up as Parfum and EdP), Alexandria II Parfum Oil; Kemi Tempest Extrait de Parfum; Sospiro Muse and Soprano
ZOOLOGIST: Moth, Hyrax

AT CAMPOMARZIO 70 among others:
BY KILIAN – new Summer additions
PARLE MOI DE PARFUM – Oris Tattoo 29; Chypre Mojo

AVERY – Bronze Collection of 7 creations

Feel to share this list with qouiting us – we will come back soon with more exciting stories and reviews very soon.

Persefume – the official Media Partner of Esxence 10.