As we have teased recently, Italian niche house Pantheon Roma by Paolo and Leone Fadelli has been preparing the next creation to be officially launched at Esxence – The Smell of Excellence 2016 – now it is time to bring you Persefume-exclusive news! The upcoming unisex composition, Dolce Passione follows five previous Extraits de Parfum already reviewed on our site. With the newest story, this Renaissance-inspired brand transports us to the world of passion, positive energy, eroticism, sensuality and aphrodisiacs. Dolce Passione combines irresistible elements of both dark chocolate and truffles and is composed by creative and talented nose Arturetto Landi, already known from Pantheon Roma Trastevere.

Pantheon Roma Dolce Passione Extrait de Parfum

“This perfume will litterally drive many people crazy with such irresistible and passional aromas!” Arturetto Landi

According to Leone Fadelli, Dolce Passione is not just another gourmand fragrance (do not be tricked by the campaign movie – it is composed as genderless perfume), but something more: a masterpiece stimulating our senses. Deep sensuality of perfume is also visible in the new packaging: instead of signature gold Dolce Passione is now presented in fiery, provocative red box.

Pantheon Roma Dolce Passione movie

The composition is mainly built around the tones of dark chocolate, strenghten with the precious taste of white truffle. Other notes include hazelnut, honey, vanilla, strawberry and plum over warm tonka bean and white musk.

Pantheon Roma Dolce Passione movie- the making of

Pantheon Roma has found great idea to promote Dolce Passione – owners reached acclaimed master gelato and chocolate maker, artist of the “fifth taste” Paolo Brunelli to create spreadable chocolate cream with forest fruits accord, attractively presented in metal tubes evoking those used by painters.

Pantheon Roma Dolce Passione movie – chocolate cream by Paolo Brunelli

Leone Fadelli of Pantheon Roma at Dolce Passione preview at Mazzolari Profumerie

Pantheon Roma Dolce Passione will be available from late April/May 2016. As in case of the remaining Pantheon Roma creations, it comes as Extrait de Parfum 50ml, 138 EUR.


The official launch will take place at Esxence 2016 in Milano, from 31 March to 3rd April 2016.

Thank you to Mr Paolo and Leone Fadelli of Pantheon Roma for those Persefume-exclusive news!