Lubin Paris – French perfume house established in 1798 which succsessfuly returned to its former glory thanks to the CEO Gilles Thevenin announced the launch of the newest creation: Upper Ten. The scent is inspired by the tale of Upper Ten Thousand That Matter – group of ambitious pioneers who formed the American aristocracy and became the upper circle of New York and major American cities.
Upper Ten has been composed by nose Thomas Fontaine responsible for several current Lubin formulations and is presented in the unique bottle which shape is known from Idole EdP, Akkad, Galaad and Korrigan.

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The story of Upper Ten is as fascinating as its visuals. America was still very sparsely populated in the 19th century, when immigrants arrived in droves from other continents – all fleeing an “Old Country” where an individual’s destiny was a mere accident of birth, rather than the result of talent and hard work.


This youthful, freedom-loving populace dreamed of a better future and within a century had founded the first nation born of the sheer will of the people. On this land without memory emerged the United States of America – a country turned constantly towards the new. A new aristocracy gradually arose from among this multitude of striving people, an elite of visionary and ambitious men.


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Like millions of others, those 10,000 men left their homeland one day with no hope of ever returning – but they had a bolder streak, and their dreams were on a grander scale. People called them the “Upper Ten”, a phrase coined by American poet Nathaniel Willis to designate “the ten thousand that matter”: the pioneers of America’s industrial century whose energy laid the groundwork for US supremacy.


Upper Ten is the fragrance of the corridors of power. The aroma is like entering a New York or Chicago Gentlemen’s Club in 1880. Cedar, sandalwood and fine leather with an added floral touch of geranium make up the main accord of this manly tribute to the life force of these American pioneers. Cardamom quickens its woody note while smooth cinnamon invigorates the mix. The amber, musky base brings more potency and depth, conferring a reassuring strength.

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Top notes: Italian bergamot, rose, saffron, juniper berries
Heart notes: cinnamon, cardamom, peach, orange blossom, geranium
Base notes: cedar, sandalwood, leather, patchouli, musk, amber

The official launch of Upper Ten is planned for 18th of November 18 at the Aedes de Venustas, New York.
Available in Eau de Parfum 100 ml.

Pictures and qoutes – many thanks to Gilles Thevenin of Lubin Paris. All rights reserved. Look for Persefume‘s review soon!