Last month unique event took place in London and then Copenhagen. Scent of Mystery – project curated by The Institute for Art and Olfaction is the result of collaboration between Institute’s founder Saskia Wilson-Brown, Neal Harris of Scent Events, perfumer Antonio Gardoni of of Bogue Profumo, John Foley, Brian Jamieson, Dave Strohmaier and Australian producer, Tammy Burnstock.

Scent of Mystery was the first and only movie featured automated Smell-0-Vision scent track. Murder mystery story with star cast and Spanish landscapes had plot revolving around mysterious woman (played by Elizabeth Taylor) present only via her mysterious perfume until the very final scene. It was innovative idea, yet commercial failure due to technical limitations.
Now, 55 years later Scent of Mystery is back to the big screen in the restored version entitled Holiday in Spain. Around sixteen scents have been have been created by The Institute for Art and Olfaction and diffused with sample testers (a different one for each viewer-person sitting in the cinema) and automated fan machines.
Bogue Profumo’s MAAI was the official perfume for Liz Taylor diffused by infused fans (this choice has been suggested by Luca Turin). Each audience member received scented Spanish fan to liberate The Scent of Mystery. A variety of scent dispersion systems have been also used to create an interactive and participatory experience.
It can be worth to mention that original scent for the first ever screening was made by Elsa Schiapparelli and it was simply called “Scent of Mystery”,


“I’m feeling so proud to be involved in this special project, as as a scent artist I never considered this field restricted to body-perfumery, and exploring the interactions and influences between images, sound and space with the airy universe of scents has always been part of my work. It was an honor for me to be part of the team, to work with Saskia from IAO and Tammy Burnstock. Antonio Gardoni of Bogue Profumo“.

The Smell of Mystery project was organized partly with the crowdfunding project – biggest supporters had the unique opportunity to receive MAAI OF MYSTERY – stronger version of MAAI with an extra percentage of tuberose absolute and animalic notes in an exclusive engraved celebration bottle.

Thanks to Mr Gardoni, Persefume has pleasure to exclusively unveil full, 22 minutes behind the scenes documentary about The Smell of Mystery event – spray some MAAI and enjoy!

The Smell of Mystery documentary – all rights reserved, edited by David Strohmaier

You can see the gallery from the event on Scent of Mystery Facebook page.

Thank you to both Antonio Gardoni of Bogue and Saskia Wilson-Brown from The Institute for Art and Olfaction for additional information and the movie. Best luck with your next projects!