Imaginary places, love, passion, attraction – those are main themes of Les Eaux Imaginaires, trilogy by Philippe Di Méo‘s Liquides Imaginaires initiated last year with Île Pourpre. The second scented opus from the colleciton: Fleuve Tendre composed by Sonia Constant (Givaudan) is going to join the line soon, taking us again to the fantasy land.

tendre map

The Map of Tendre is of an imaginary land where three rivers irrigate the soil, shaping an allegory of the stages in one’s love life. From this topographical representation by François Chauveau, inspired by the novel, Clélie, histoire romaine, comes a perfume in which love and adventure form the basis of the art of loving. An Eau imaginaire, an imaginary water, alive and romantic, releasing a strong sensuality.

In Tendre, on the opposite shores of unknown lands, there is a cave on the crest of a rocky mountain. At the end of the narrow path lined with thistles, blue flowers, wild and scented shrubs, there is a concealed entrance to the cave, protected by a sour cherry tree. This lair with damp walls has become a place of secret encounters for lovers, who come to set free their passion too long repressed. This “perfume” river becomes a metaphor of the love that flows into the sea, into more dangerous waters. This perfume is a crossing to the other bank, to the freedom of loving. It is the fragrant path that lovers take and it is imprinted on their minds forever, like an eternal trace in their spirit, on their clothing, on their bodies. Its scent embodies the odyssey of risk, the taste for secret and delicious love affairs in the imaginary lands of the Map of Tendre.


Top notes: Mandarin, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Coriander, Cumin, Saffron, Nutmeg
Middle notes: Petalia, Rose Water, Geranium, Aldron*
Base notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Incense, Animalis, Civet, Muscarome, Tonka Bean, Suede

*About Aldron: A lot can be said about Aldron. It is apparently an aphrodisiac, smells like a lion’s cage, some of the more pleasant perspiration scents, very sensual ones. It is reminiscent of Tonkin Musk (not synthetic musks) and has woody, amber notes like ambergris. It is claimed that Aldron gives the power of sexual attraction to the wearer. Some studies provide evidence that when a seat in a waiting room is perfumed with Aldron (the male pheromone), women systematically choose this seat over other non-perfumed seats. Sonia Constant, perfumer at Givaudan

New Fleuve Tendre will be available from late April 2017 as Eau de Parfum 100ml, 175 EUR.

In the other news, Liqudes Imaginaires has opened its Parisian pop-up store (65 galerie Montpensier -Jardin du Palais Royal) opened until 30 June 2017.

Philippe Di Méo and David Frossard

The boutique is offering all Liquides Imaginaires products including Fleuve Tendre in exclusive preview plus all special editions e.g. La Trilogie des Humeurs, or decorative Amphoras. Definitely the place to visit!

Pictures and quotes – Liquides Imaginaires, thank you. Packshot by Heuduck.