Veleno Doré– the new fragrance by Laurent Mazzone‘s LM Parfums will be unveiled during the upcoming. Pitti Fragranze.

lm pitti
The official LM Parfums’ Pitti Fragranze 15 poster

LM Parfums Veleno Doré from the luxurious Gold Label housed in black lacquer casing is available exclusively in Italy from June to September 2017, while October 2017 marks its global debut. It will be the second Extrait de Parfum in this premium collection after Sensual & Decadent.

This chypre Extrait de Parfum highlights an exceptional ingredient, tobacco leaf, and dresses it with warm and elegant spicy notes.

LM Parfums Veleno Doré

In the depths of a remote forest, the powerful snake king lurks patiently in the shadows, waiting for his prey. When the king strikes, his victim is turned into gold on contact with his extraordinary venom. Veleno Doré recounts this ancient tale where, after death, something sublime emerges.

Head notes: rum, nutmeg, chili
Heart notes: tobacco leaf, patchouly
Base notes: vanilla, amber, black cherry

LM Parfums Veleno Doré will be available as Extrait de Parfum 100ml, 395€ from 1st October 2017.

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