Yesterday we have teased the new Franck Boclet Café and today time for the even bigger Esxence news from this French label: Ivory Collection within the Rock & Riot line.
Inspired by the celebration of the wedding of Franck Boclet and his wife Solenne, the Ivory line has been dedicated to lovers, with 3 single Extraits de Parfum and a wedding coffret of two Extraits. Under a rock and roll background, it looks like a love story that begins with Be my wife, then Just & Married, folllowed by Blue moon and finally Velvet. It should be noted that Franck Boclet and Solenne are both starring in the Ivory ad campaign.

The scents in the collection are:


Like a romantic and rock & roll declaration in love, when your partner makes his proposal of marriage. Both classic and so glamorous, Be my wife is a spring and fresh fragrance starting with citrus and aromatic notes like tangerine, bergamot, spearmint and rosemary. Then in the heart, a wedding bouquet of roses with some touches of lilac and violet spread in the softened atmosphere of fruit notes with green apple, raspberry and pineapple. A cheerful and romantic harmony for the the lovers walking in the Parisian streets go to celebrate their wedding


In a Wedding coffret, Just for the Groom and Married for the Bride. For the wedding day, fragrances must be elegant, fresh and with a long lasting performance. It is the promise of Just & Married. Two fragrances in harmony for a joyful and romantic wedding day!

JUST is a tender and fresh fragrance for man with hesperid and aromatic notes in the heart like Bergamot, lime and basil. The heart of rose, jasmine, ylang, benzoin, labdanum and clove is a mix of floral, spicy and balsamic notes. The fragrance is enhanced by an elegant woody and oriental background with musk, amber, patchouli, cedar, castorum and civet notes. « Just a lover’s fragrance !

MARRIED is the fragrance for woman in love. The fragrance starts with a sparkling sensation with bergamot, lemon and orange. In the heart, a wedding bouquet of violet, lilac, rose and orange blossom and the freshness green note of galbanum. Finally, oriental and woody notes of cedar, sandalwood, leather, vanilla and amber make the fragrance addictive. « Married forever! »


Blue moon is inspired by the honey moon of Franck & Solene with a rock background music of « Blue Jean » and « Walking on the moon ». The fragrance starts with sparkling hesperid and aromatic notes of bergamot, lime, basil and mint. Then the floral notes enhanced by peony and and clove notes explode in the heart, like the light of the moon. Finally woody and sweet notes like cedar, vanilla and cotton candy join the dance to soothe and bring glam to the fragrance. A lunar and glam harmony.


The bottom is sparkling with bergamot and orange, gently leaves room for a sweet and soft atmosphere in the heart of dry fig, prune and peach, and embalming neroli. Finally, oriental and woody background with cedar musk, sandalwood, cotton candy give to the fragrance a sensual and suave touch like velvet. A voluptuous swirl!

The Franck Boclet Ivory Collection (three Extraits de Parfum 100 ml and one Extraits duo will debut at the Esxence – The Scent of Excellence.

Picture and quotes – thank you, Corinne Dupont – Fragrance Collection AG Ludovic Perrin!