Osang Extrait de Parfum belonging to the recently established Mendittorosa’s premium spin-off brand Talismans Collezione Preziosa became quite a sensation at this year’s Esxence – The Scent of Excellence exbibition and afterwards was equally well-received by customers with all batches sold out worlwide. Persefume already previewed this monumental, scented interpretation of Naples’ San Gennaro blood miracle and now it is time for our dual review by Jakub and Aleksandra plus exclusive news on the Osang‘s return in the newly transformed image. We will conclude our post with international sample draw!

Osang logo
Talismans Collezione Preziosa – OSANG’s logo pictured by Ramy Leon Lorenco

Utterly talented fragrance writer Alex Musgrave (The Silver Fox) prepared the official descrption explaining Osang’s phenomena:

Naples is urs sanguinium, City of Blood, protected by patron saint San Gennaro. Three times a year his dried blood is presented to the people, hungry for love and miracles. If this holy treasure liquefies all will be well with Naples. If not, the earth will shake, skies blacken…misfortune might descend. This supernatural and holy liquefaction is a talisman of metamorphosis and protection. OSANG is inspired by this extraordinary annual miracle, a scent of viscous beauty, blood rising, shifting from inertia to bubbling resurrection. A miracle of love. A perfumed celebration of saints and superstitions, centred around a ravenous fenugreek absolute note lavished with singed pyrazines, sacrificial myrrh and mournful molten honey poured over everything like amber rain. Meadow blooms, sticky dark resins, pungent balms and ashen clouds of iris swirl like dramatic weather. The miracle slowly unfolds from sunlit flowers through a sea of honey and glorious fenugreek, stirring our hunger into clouds of swirling darkness, golden hope and cindered skies. A perfume of darkness that slowly explodes into delirious, mysterious light, a Talisman of blood, seething with shadows and burning magic. OSANG. A miracle of scented love. An indelible prayer for skin.

Talismans Osang transformation – the movie

We can huge emphasis on metamorphosis in those words and it has been also reflected in the new image of second, annual Osang edition. From now on, every year Osang (always containing the same, signature scent) will change its outfit, with caps and other details designed by different Italian artists and artisans. After 2017 version with Nada For Nada’s Capodimonte porcelain cap, the 2018 edition has cap made by Alessandro Reggioli (author of packaging for Talismanss Le Mat and Sogno Reale plus signature Mendittorosa wooden boxes).
The bottle has been also decorated with red tassel and few drops of red wax. Moreover, small piece of red Neapolitan coral is also hidden inside randomly chosen bottles. The fragrance is presented in the luxurious hand-made case known from the first edition.

Talismans Osang – the new 2018 Millessime Edition

OSANG perfume notes: Heliotrope, honey, meadow flowers, & fenugreek absolute, Sichuan pepper, nutmeg, labdanum, iris, myrrh, benzoin & styrax, sandalwood, amber, oud, incense, Peru balsam, animalic musks.

What is our opinion on the scent?

Osang two editions
Talismans Osang – the new 2018 Millessime Edition

Jakub: Osang is the bravest Talisman up to date, I like how Brand Founder – my truly great friend is pushing the boundaries to surprise and amaze. Osang is powerful, spiritual scent, yet with pogan and raw elements – perhaps resulting from used wild flowers and rich, golden honey. This perfume interprets San Gennaro’s blood miracle, but somehow I also find traces of my Slavic culture here. It does not evolve that much over time, instead leaving carnal and long-lasting aura of iris, honey, incense and woods. Osang is larger than life, sometimes there are days when it becomes too much for me, but I am addicted: need to wear it every few days, always discovering its new nuances and power.

Aleksandra: Strange, bitter sweetness first, then mineral and still sweet, on the verge of cloying but never trespassing to the other side, this exceptional perfume is the full body of summer. The pulse, the colour red, something sacred, something cursed – the mix makes you want to live to the maximum extension possible. On my skin Osang stays dry, which according to company’s description would be a bad sign for Naples – fortunately nobody knows about it but me, and I personally enjoy this powdery, yet sticky rendition of iris, heliotrope and honey. The perfume is also quite linear, but considering its beauty, I count it as an asset.

For more opinions on Osang, please check marvellous The Silver Fox’s review.

Talismans Osang – the new 2018 Millessime Edition

New edition of Osang will be offered from 19 October 2017 from the brand’s E-Boutique as Extrait de Parfum (high 30% concentration) 100ml, 320 EUR . Moreover, online-exclusive refillable Osang Pocket Talisman Spray 7,5ml (35 EUR) is also available.

Talismans Osang Pocket Talisman

Curious about the scent? We have small worldwide draw of Osang Extrait de Parfum 1,5ml press sample vial accompanied by the 1,5ml sample of Le Mat Extrait – the first, iconic Talisman. To enter, just comment this post – the winner will be selected by random.org on 22 October 2017 (comments are moderated and will appear after admins’ approval) and announced under this post day later. Best luck – do not also forget to show some love to Persefume and Mendittorosa and Talismans fanpages!

Photos and quotes – Talismans Collezione Preziosa. Opinions – our own.