At the recent Pitti Fragranze, Olivier Durbano, Grasse-located Jeweller and Creative Director of Olivier Durbano Poems Stones unveiled his latest, 13th creation: Labradorite. Now Persefume brings you more details and our double review of this new fragrance – coincidence, or not – this article goes live today, on Friday, October the 13th!

Olivier Durbano by Karolina O H
Olivier Durbano

Labradorite #13 symbolizes Moon Stone, the Subtle Brightness of the Divine – stone with strong spiritual and symbolic meanings.

Photo by Persefume at Pitti Fragranze

According to the beliefs of the South American Indians, the electric blue or green reflection of labradorite symbolises the Light of Heaven which rises above the world, graced with Sanctuaries and Divine Secrets. Inuits believe labradorite comes from the fire of the Aurora Borealis, and that, over come by the cold, it graciously falls to earth. Labradorite, Lunar Stone, Bearer of Light that dispels the dark haze of illusions cast by past beliefs and emotions experienced.

Olivier Durbano’s jewels

It is the ultimate magic stone which promotes an awakening and harmonisation, and which strengthens intuition and foresight… united with the Divine Presence, Truth, Eternal Love… A fragrance with the Subtle Radiance of the Divinity, Labradorite is associated with the power of Palo Santo, a Sacred Wood blended with mysterious, captivating tuberose, starlight and invigorating marjoram, with deep and powerful undertones of opopanax, civet and castoreum … #13 Labradorite cleanses, purifies and symbolises the passage to a higher plane of existence. For Kabbalists, it is the sign of the dragon…. 13 is the number which represents Mary, whose mission is to crush the dragon’s head. 13 just like a wheel with 12 spokes, 12 units around a central, beneficial point. Under the Zodiac, 13:12+1 is the number of the Eternal Return. The 13th Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Death card, denotes a Transformation, an Ending and a New Beginning, breaking free… It is the fragrance of a Essential Change…


Olivier Durbano Labradorite #13 is Wooded Aromatic Amber scent comprising of 12+1 ingredients:
Top note: Palo-Santo, Marjoram, Cardamom
Heart note: Tuberose, Ambregris, Oliban
Base note: Agarwood, Sandalwood, Civet, Castoreum, Opoponax, Musk

After this long intro, time to give our feedback on the new launch! Aleksandra appreciates the scent, however feels that its name is misplaced.

Aleksandra says: Labradorite happens to be my favourite stone, that I used to wear as a pendant for its spiritual powers. No wonder I had expectations. Mind me, the perfume might not be bad at all. Still, why o why, dear Olivier did you decide to capture an animal within? Aurora Borealis, which is believed by native Innuits to be trapped within this stone, is not at all about musk, civet, castoreum and amber! No way! Labradorite should be all about long cold winter and the ethereal beauty of polar lights that appear only when the air is immaculately clean. There’s an electric, unsettled power in this spectacle, but what the hell is tuberose doing there? No idea. Haematite might smell like that, any other dark, opulent stone, but not this heavenly beauty. So, the juice seems absolutely misplaced under this label.

In my, (Jakub‘s) opinion, Labradorite is luckily much more interesting than the last year’s Lapis Lazuli. It is perfect answer for fans of animalic scents, until now non-present in Durbano’s Poems Stones collecion. Intense creation showing interesting play between gentle tuberose and civet/castoreum combo. Very wild at the beginning, later it turns into more tamed beast accentuating woody and ambery undertones. Can confess that meaning of stones do not have big importance for me, so I did not feel contrast expressed by Aleksandra. Overall – truly solid work (it was one my of Pitti’s standouts) for those who are not afraid of fragrances with big presence.

Labradorite in new box design unveiled for all Olivier Durbano’s perfumes

Labradorite #13 is already available from Olivier Durbano‘s E-Boutique and authorized stockists as Eau de Parfum 100ml.

Quotes and pictures – Olivier Durbano unless stated otherwise. Opinions – our own.