Anaïs Biguine, French perfumer of the signature Jardins d’Ecrivains collection and two accompanying lines: Les Cocottes and Gri Gri is going to present her new perfume Ajar during upcoming Pitti Fragranze exhibition in Florence.

Anaïs Biguine

Belonging to the Jardins d’Ecrivains brand inspired by literature, Ajar is the scented hommage to novelist Romain Gary, also known by pen name Émile Ajar.


Romain Gary achieved a clever literary subterfuge when be created Émile Ajar. Anonymity was his chance to reinvent himself and to become manifold. Jardins d’Ecrivains finds inspiration in precisely such literary sources, interpreting them in scent. Ajar is a chameleon-like fragrance that speaks of incarnation. Dark oriental incense meets dazzling orchid. Union as ambivalent and complex as human nature itself. The light and shade within us all.


Top: Bergamot, Pear
Heart: Jasmine, Orchid
Base: Sandalwood, Incense, Oakmoss

Jardins d’Ecrivains Ajar will debut at Pitti Fragranze. As all other brand’s creations it will be available Eau de Parfum 100ml, 85 EUR.

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