Rainy, gloomy days here so Persefume brings you something truly green with our “He says, she says” take on Apsu – the 2016 release by Ulrich Lang New York.

Ulrich Lang

So far, Ulrich Lang – former L’Oreal executive introduced six scents, yet somehow we haven’t covered them until now. Time to change it then!


Minimalist, directional, clean and inviting.

Top: Crunchy Greens, Cilantro, Violet Leaves, Bergamot
Mid: White Tea, Dewy Jasmine Petals, Water Lily, Pimento Berries, Iris
Dry: White Musk, Cedar Wood, Amber, Frankincense

Jakub- I have very nice memories connected with the Ulrich Lang NY brand – Anvers was my first bottle purchased from Liberty of London during my UK years. For me the first four scents – Anvers, Anvers II, Lightscape and Nightscape have also the common element: they all evoke casual, modern elegance and intimate beauty. Full of crushed violets, woods, spices, they feel transparent and ethereal. Aperture was quite a departure with more smokey, mineral and animalic kick (yet still in light, wearable form) – and then it comes totally surprising Apsu – the main hero of today’s post. Apsu (name inspired by the he Mesopotamian God of Water) is… green. So green and fresh that I could barely handle it, yet with some magnetic charm which makes me to try it again and again. Minalistic, bit aquatic (but far from cucumber/ozone notes), with surprising banana accord (there is no banana in the composition, so it must be the result of of some other notes’ combination). Very abstract composition which perfectly suits Ulrich Lang’s portfolio. Reccomended, especially during those warmer days I now long for.

Aleksandra- the very rare circumstance in which I find myself liking a green scent. Apsu is nothing but slightly sweet, watery, a little fruity and flowery mist, getting more and more grassy and musky (white musk) with time, thankfully free from any calone-ish influences. Which does not mean it does not contain this magnificent molecule – the art is to use it very carefully and Aosu is definitely an example of a masterful minimalism in using powerful ingedients. The result is airy and spaceous but saturated. And it has this unique, Ulrich Lang characteristics of being slightly northern and slightly otherworldly. I appreciate how the brand does not hurry to create new scents – the outcome is high quality and spirit maintained throughout the whole line. Bravo!


Ulrich Lang Apsu is available in Eau de Toilette 100ml, 125 USD RPP from the selected brand’s retailers e.g. Barney’s New York, Aedes des Venustas, Liberty of London, Aus Liebe Zum Duft, Essenza Nobile, Createur 5 D’Emotions and Mood Scent Bar.

Pictures and qoutes – Ulrich Lang. Opinions – our own.