The new niche brand is born. Persefume has pleasure to exclusively announce Quearmé founded in France by Polish fragrance lover, Greg Osko.
We are reviewing all Quearmé’s creations using our popular “He says, she says” by Jakub and Aleksandra formula plus concluding the post with worldwide giveaway, for the first time hosted both here and on the Persefume Instagram account.

Quearmé Maestria Collection – the ad campaign

Quearmé debuts with five fragrances divided into three Collections: Maestria with Oiko, Duuoh and Treies – unisex trilogy, yet dedicated to men and interpreting three stages of life – from youth to maturity; L’armeüre d’Orient and its first scent Griffon and finally, experimental collection L’énigme d’une Journée starting with N-Geen.
For these first offerings, Greg Osko has collaborated with two perfumers: Turkish nose Hüseyin Erdoğmuş (author of fragrances for e.g. Unique’e) and Caroline de Boutiny from the famous Galimard laboratories in Grasse.

Video campaign of Quearmé Maestria Trilogy: Oiko, Duuoh and Treies starring model Tomasz Zagół


Let us guide you through the Quearmé Collection including our dual reviews:


Maestria trilogy


Live to the fullest! Feel, love, have fun and break the rules! Oiko is the first chapter of the La Maestria trilogy. The fragrance of youth, full of energy and unlimited freedom. Immerse yourself in the urban jungle and feel the fresh, intensely green, juicy and fruity vibes thanks to the notes of zesty citrus, pear and sweet pineapple. Ozone and sea storm adds the unexpected character to the composition and perfectly contrasts with aromatic lavender and accords of rose and lily of the valley. The warm ambery and woody base with a dash of smoky labdanum will bring back memories of day… or night for many hours to come. Oiko perfectly redefines the classically masculine notes, giving them a modern and dynamic vibes.

Head notes: mandarin, bergamot, lemon, pear, pineapple
Heart notes: pepper, nutmeg, rose, lily of the valley, lavender, marine accords
Base notes: amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, labdanum, musk
Perfumer: Hüseyin Erdoğmuş

He – Fragrance I loved to hate, but nowadays I’m wearing it with pleasure – although this relation has been quite a bumpy one. It is pretty strong, “twink” fragrance which for me seems to pay ironic homage to the most popular mainstream and niche fragrances – ozone, seabreeze, pineapple… It is like being in the middle of dancefloor (yes, one day clubs will be reopened…) where smell of various perfumes is mixed with aroma of sweat and energy drinks. Oiko is the perfect reincarnation of this feeling – and in truly strong concentration.

She – The youngster. Fresh, slightly marine and solar, bold. A real breeze! Not as metallic as this type of perfume often is. Wear it if you want to emanate vigour and dexterity, with something not quite as simple and quite seductive in the fond.


Duooh, the second chapter of the La Maestria trilogy, exudes confidence and absolute freedom. Full of power, class and desire, it evokes strong, masculine vibes accompanied by unexpected industrial touch. Take matters into your own hands, feel the speed and leave city lights behind you. Classic citrus notes are complemented by noble aromas of cedar and rosewood. It’s time to enter into the darkness, where emotions, adrenaline and danger await. Impenetrable dark is broken by the warmth of sandalwood and the gentel sweetness of vanilla. You have reached your destination.

Head notes: lemon, Calabrian bergamot
Heart notes: rosewood, Virginian cedarwood
Base notes: sandalwood, Vanilla Bourbon
Perfumer: Caroline de Boutiny

He – It feels pretty safe, but far from being boring. Initial green and citrus kick is leadng to more traditional, woody and bit dusty base (Edit: so smilar impressions to Aleksandra, nice!). Perfect everyday scent.

She – Initial burst of lemon gives way to cool, juicy and stereotypically masculine woody heart. Rather a skin scent, quite volatile, ideal for hot weather. I expected a dash of sweet vanilla, but I don’t feel any, which is good in case of this cologne. One of the two most wearable perfumes in the range.


Maturity is a state of comfort, wisdom and art of choice. Treies, the final chapter of the La Maestria trilogy, is a unique combination of powdery iris, crystal cool violet with a pinch of hot saffron that gives the composition leathery, refined and slightly dusty vibes embod(ying a retro limousine’s interior. Treies is a game between dryness and sweetness, between austere character and gentleness. An extremely noble, memorable fragrance with a hint of avant-garde – so that you never go unnoticed.

Head notes: mandarin, saffron
Heart notes: iris, violet, cedarwood, cashmere woods
Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, benzoin
Perfumer: Hüseyin Erdoğmuş

He – Oh, I like this one the most from Maestria trilogy! (does it mean I am mature enough…?). Iris, suede, fetish leather, dusty saffron plus some synthetic, industrial feel. Smells bit conceptual and simply powerful.

She – That’s a totally different story from the previous two. A fat, dusty and earthy iris creates the main sequence here, with a noble addition of violet and saffron. The perfume is quite sweet, mature and sombre. I like the way it fills the air. The other nicely wearable from the five.

GRIFFON (L’armeüre d’Orient Collection)

The beginning of an Oriental tale. Forget about your past experiences, it is time for unforgettable journey to the land full of rich splendor. Let yourself be surprised by the realistic, refined notes of whiskey and tobacco. The combination of the rose absolute sweetness and noble oud feels like nectary, intoxicating ambrosia. Griffon perfectly combines traditions of European perfumery with boldness of Orient. Gentlemen’s lodge, or perhaps boarding Orient Express? The only limit is your imagination! Make yourself at home, enjoy this magical trip – time does not exist here.

Head notes: bergamot, whiskey, davana
Heart notes: rose absolute, nargamotha, oud
Base notes: sandalwood, gurjun, tobacco, white musk, amber
Perfumer: Hüseyin Erdoğmuş

He – Maestria trilogy seemed to be pretty classic, but this first chapter of Oriental line is my absolute favourite! Griffon is odd, boozy fragrance – and I am in the boozy scents’ phase nowadays overdosing Straight to Heaven, or Baraonda. I love its fruity aspect (it somehow reminds me of cherries covered in chocolate) and gourmand/tobacco undertones. It becomes more quiet after a while – but still detectable and unique. I need a full bottle.

She – An eccentric in this ensemble. The fruity accord plays a dirty, slightly overripe role here, pulling the composition into intriguing bitterness. I guess it’s the mixture of whiskey and davana that create this fuzzy, exotic feeling. Then the perfume plunges into woody territory, more sweet and slightly suffocating. Here’s where the artistic – or even artificial – facet of this collection takes over control. The scent is unnatural and unique like some alien alcoholic beverage. As you spend time with it it gets more and more easy and cosy.

N-GEEN (L’énigme d’une Journée Collection)

Add more power! Feel the inner strength with N-Geen and discover the universe where past and future merge into one coherent whole. N-Geen is a futuristic, industrial fragrance with echoes of ancient rituals. Holy smoke, aromatic spices, forbidden substances, an intriguing contrast between lightness and dark, between richness and primal, archetypical austerity. Bold, conceptual, timeless. Your new addiction.

Head notes: cumin, honey
Heart notes: Sumatra patchouli leaves, violet
Base notes: amber, cedarwood, gaiac wood sandalwood, white musk, vanilla from Madagascar
Perfumer: Caroline de Boutiny

He – The industrial one! Macho leather, grease, dense gasoline, much more mature than Treies’ rendition. It has some Black Afghano vibes, but is definitely different enough. Can not wait to see what other conceptual scents will appear in this collection.

She – It’s funny how one can create the smell of engine oil out of cumin and honey! It reminds me of my childhood when I used to like to inhale the fumes from old, two-stroke engines on one hand, on the other – it evokes the scent of my husband coming home after his work at the panel beater workshop. The mixture of honey and prominent patchouli creates a very dirty, industrial accord. Another rather experimental perfume of this unique collection, which can be easily divided into two sets – it’s even ready with the colour code. The first three black perfumes are quite classic and easy to wear. The other two – blue and white – take you for an adventure.

Quearmé fragrances will be available from May 2021 as Eaux de Parfum 50ml, debuting first at Mood Scent Bar (Poland), webshop and global launch are also being planned.


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Transparency issues – pictures, quotes and samples provided by Quearmé. I have been involved in brand’s storytelling, yet it does not change my judgement on the fragrances. As always it is unpaid review and opinions – honest ones and our own.