SOTD:Illegal- picture by Antonio Gardoni

What could happen if we attach unnamed perfume sample vial to random lamp post or traffic light? What social reaction it would case? Simple, yet great idea called “SOTD: Illegal” brings the answer!

This “perfume guerilla” idea reminds us a bit installations by Alessandro Gualtieri- “The Nose” of Nasomatto, Maria L. and Orto Parisi, however here concept is much easier to follow.
PerSeFume officially loves it – start looking for some mysterious vials!

“Spreading scents around the world. Olfactory graffiti
No recognizable bottles/ brands – stick a scent to a lamp post, share pics, spot them around!
The world as an open source of scents, odors, perfumes and fragrances.
Share your favorite scents, decant your Scent Of The Day in a sample vial or in an anonymous spray bottle, stick it with some tape to a lamp post, a tree, a balustrade, a traffic light. make the world a nice smelling place.
No advertising, no visible brands or recognizable bottles.
Take a picture, tell us the location and the content.
Spot them around, smell it, take a pic and share it.
Fragrant graffiti for a nicer world
ps. the world where we live is full of amazing smells and scents, coming from nature or human activities, we love some of them, we hate some of them.
SOTD: Illegal is just adding to the existing odors landscape some surprise from people that love their scents and love to share.”
Manifesto of SOTD: Illegal

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