The secret can be finally revealed. After Esxence , Pitti Fragranze and TFWA previews, Italian fragrance house Pantheon Roma founded by Paolo and Leone Fadelli (we reviewed the initial Pantheon range here and announced the latest Dolce Passione in this article) offcially presents its latest fragrance: Così Blu.
Persefume is pleased to present you exclusive detailed news and inspiration behind this Arturetto Landi‘s creation inspired by Renaissance Sky plus our signature “He says, She says” review by Jakub and Aleksandra.

Pantheon Roma Così Blu

Paolo and Leone Fadelli share with us beautiful story behind Così Blu:

In these moments just before Christmas, Pantheon Roma is presenting Così Blu, its new fragrance dedicated to the sky, or better, to whom can “smell the sky”. The human being always turned his nose up to the sky: sometimes he did it as a form of prayer, some others as a simple gesture of curiosity towards the infinity. So the sky has no limits but, at the same time, is a treasure chest of the sense of mystic, more than anything else. Up there, into that blue of the sky, there is for all of us the answer to what is the sense of our life. That’s why we often address towards the sky. This was perfectly understood during the Renaissance when, thank to the painters that used this colour extracting it from the woad plant, the blue become not only the colour of the sky, but also the colour of the robes of the Virgin Mary and, together with gold, the colour of God. It is exactly to these mystic skies and to this blue that the brand is inspired. Behind the word “Così” included in the name, there seems to be a hand with its index finger pointing upwards to the magnificent skies in the canvas of Raffaello, the artist to whom all the line is dedicated. A precise indication, a strong idea, the exhortation to pause and reflect. The creation of the fragrance, entrusted to the very expert hands of Arturetto Landi, encompasses very fresh notes and incenses placed on a lightly gourmand carpet and on a base of an exquisite white musk. Hence, Così Blu is dedicated to whom want to discover things and get to the bottom of them and, in particular, to whom is never tired, just never, of “smelling the sky”.

Pantheon Roma Così Blu in 100ml presentation

The skies of the great Renaissance painters have ceaselessly captured the imagination of the world, and the curiosity of the most famous of art experts. Those skies evoked a serenity, a sense of freedom and a mystical quality. The blue skies dominated the canvas. But what is it about that blue that is so captivating? Pantheon Roma Collection has dedicated itself to addressing this very question;  one that has perplexed art lovers for centuries. Now, together with the skill and expertise of Arturetto Landi, we wish, once again, to let the perfume narrate that which cannot be described in words alone.  Those perceptions of freedom and of transcendence are, perhaps, emotions to be realised with the senses rather than with rational thought. It was in the 16th century that the colour blue came into its own with such explosive effect.  At that time the blue was sourced from the woad plant (Isatis Tinctoria), cultivated in abundance in Central Italy.   The blue, then as now, represented Divinity.  Blue was the colour of God; blue were the robes of the Virgin Mary; and blue that sky which so beguiled and continues to fascinate us,when confronted with the works of the Great Masters. In those days, as was the fashion, the resplendent robes of the rich were blue, whereas the subdued tones of brown, ochre and red were for common garb. Woad, produced in the land of Raphael, exemplified a veritable fount of riches for the populace.  So much so that the compact balls of woad, formed after the leaves were dried in the sun, were called “cuccagne”, a word given to a symbol of abundance, affording wealth and good fortune.  After the drying process, woad from the Dukedom of Urbino took the road to Florence and Venice, where it was further treated to obtain the colour which went on to dye the highly elaborate raiments of the nobility.

Pantheon Roma Così Blu in 100ml presentation

Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, came to realise, a little late, that Urbino’s potential profits were going to rival states, so he blocked the ‘exports’, channeling the woad directly to foreign markets through the neighbouring ports of Senigallia and Ancona, thereby swelling the coffers of the Grand Duchy. All of this was undoubtedly known to Raphael himself, who had begun to work with woad dyed paints in his father’s studio.It was therefore a prerequisite for us to base all research into the perfume of the Renaissance blue, on the perfume of the woad itself. And from there, to broaden the palette of the senses to encompass the fragrance of those skies captured on the canvasses of the epoch. A fragrance which seeks a vertical vision between the terrestrial and the divine, between earth and sky, between the natural as represented by woad and a more mystical, ascending incense with a fresh liberated base – in other words, blue. Last year Pantheon Collection recounted the love story of Raphael and La Fornarina, the tender passion which touched hearts with its portrayal of the lovers and of the alluring smells of the bread ovens of Trastevere in Rome. It is now time to lift your eyes upwards; to view that limitless space between earth and sky;  to view … not only with your eyes. It is now time to come closer to mysticism and ecstasy in an incessant research of an interior equilibrium. It is now time to explore our new fragrance Così Blu, a fresh opening with a celestial inspiration.

Così Blu 50
Pantheon Roma Così Blu in 50ml presentation

Top Notes: Absinthe, Cinnamon, Bark, Nutmeg, Strawberry
Heart Notes: Magnolia, Rose, Jasmin, Lily of the valley
Base Notes: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Ceder Wood, Civet, Castoreum, Hay, Vanilla, Ambergris, White Musk, Siamese Benzoin

What is our opinion on the Così Blu?

Jakub – That is great surprise from Pantheon Roma, brand which I associate more with sweet gourmands (Trastevere, Dolce Passione). Così Blu is meant to be scented tribute to the sky, yet for me it is rather gate between Earth and Sky, with its dry aroma of musk, incense and dusty woods. Not too floral and fruity, rather focused on base notes. Very mature, bold and impressive composition which is so comfortable to wear, especially in the current, cold weather.

Aleksandra – What an unusual approach to the sky and its colour – looking through renaissance paintings and the process of making the blue hue, with all the historical background and stories of real people’s lives. I like the idea, and I believe the beauty of this scent was attained thanks to this mental work. When I first looked at the notes, I thought this is going to be just another heavy flowery scent, but to tell the truth, floral notes are scarce in this perfume. Most of all, it’s an ode to a clear, transparent incense, the feeling of the divine more than the look of it – after all, can we see the divine and not be blinded? It goes well with the notion of the colour blue, which was not perceived in many cultures and for many centuries, and stayed unrecognised as a hue (often treated as green or just “dark as wine”… I also remember the experiment one father conducted on his child: he never named the colour to her, and when she was about 8, he asked her, what is the colour of the sky. The answer was: white 🙂 ). So, as you can see, there’s something very surprising and impossible to name about blue, and this perfume reflects this. I love it from the very beginning, it shoots out to the sky immediately in a prayer-like mode, and is very consistent in its flow. The woods, the resins, the musk – it all goes in cool, clear, soprano unison in excelsis for hours. Great work!

Pantheon Roma Così Blu is available from all Pantheon Offcial Retailers from 1st of November 2017 as Extrait de Parfum 50 and 100ml.

Pictures and quotes – Pantheon Roma. Opinions – our own.