Archetipo and Rituale – two new creations by Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima have been just been unveiled at the Esxence – The Scent of Excellence and already gained great feedback from fairs’ visitors. Persefume has real pleasure to introduce them in more detailed way, for the first time unveiling notes and concept behind debuting fragrances.

Stefania Squeglia

Founder of this Italian artistic house, Stefania Squeglia imagined two uncompromising creations in Extraits de Parfum concentration. They do not share any notes, but the idea is equally big for both creations. Archetipo and Rituale are all about shadows, emotions, primordial memories, creating your inner temple…

Mendittorosa Archetipo and Rituale launch at Esxence

They also have unique handmade caps designed by Italian artist designed by Stefania and created by artist Mauro Carrazza.

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Tangle and knot. Roots and streets. Nests. The material shape of a time without time. It’s is my personal design brought to life by an Italian artist Mauro Carrazza. Order from chaos, “tangles of protection”. Entirely curved by hands piece by piece. Stefania Squeglia

Dark and spicy Archetipo is the first Mendittorosa’s creation composed by male nose – renowned Luca Maffei of Atelier Fragranze Milano.

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Shadows, shaking candle flame, moonstone, marbles. Archetipo surrounds you in its absolute silence. Archetipo was always here. Before us, before all human ideas. With Archetipo Extrait we can experience again the feeling of reaching our real thoughts. We can find out our primordial memories. We can lose ourselves in a time without time. With Archetipo we are re-entering THE OLFACTIVE MEMORY. Archetype of smell. Archetypical scent. To re-wake. To forget and to remember again. Tabula rasa of stereotypes. Ideas imprinted in soul before the birth. Plato and his cave myth. Archetipo is the world, the space, the time, the imagination. It is the moment when we are ready to see beyond the reality. Shadows of what we really areso far, yet so close.

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Head notes: Fir Balsam, Pink Pepper, Incense Super Essence
Heart Notes: Burning Flame Accord*, Moonstone Accord
Base Notes: Patchouli, Indonesian Vetiver, Cashmere Wood, Labdanum, Black Amber, Oakmoss

*including special raw material selected for Archetipo: Bushman candle (Sarcocaulon Mossamedensis), small plant from Namibia, used there as candle during the night to protect from harm thanks to its heady scent. Multi-faceted ingredient with smoky, woody and incense aroma.

Sensual and addictive Rituale has been created by Amelie Bourgeois of Flair Paris, already known from most of Mendittorosa‘s creations.

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Rituals of ancient cultures. Myths, symbols, religions hidden in one perfume. Heady narcissus like rich golden nectar. Red explosion of emotions. Distillation of time. Everlasting sunrise. Rituale is perfumed blessing for your daily rituals, prayer whispering on your skin. Caring, wrapping balsam. It is your inner temple. Perfumes normally follow the wind while Rituale goes against the wind. It comes and never goes away. Bless your day, create your own ritual.

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Head notes: Italian Bergamot, Mandarin Aldehyde, Lavender
Heart Notes: Jasmin, Narcissus, Rose, Red Fruits (Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Pomegranate)
Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandwalwood, Beeswax, Amber Woods, White Musk, Hyraceum (Golden Stone)

Stefania Squeglia with perfumers Luca Maffei and Amelie Bourgeois

Archetipo and Rituale will be available in April/May 2017 as Extraits de Parfum (25 % concentration) in 100ml bottle (200 EUR each) from Mendittorosa e-boutique and authorized stockists.

Info and pictures – Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima