The first Persefume‘s “He says, she says” in 2018 starts golden! We are coming back to Jean-Philippe Clermont’s Atelier des Ors – brand which reinterprets the heritage of French Haute Parfumerie with a modern line of alluring and sophisticated fragrances.


Previously, we have both reviewed five first scents from the collection, now time for two 2017 releases: already previewed Iris Fauve and quite rare Musc Immortel for now being Harrods-exclusive. As in case of all Atelier des Ors creations, they are composed by perfumer Marie Salamagne.


Celestial veil. Delicately draping skin. Soft, powdered cocoon. Enchanting, surprising.Tender caress
Serenity. For this new creation, Marie Salamagne utilises Iris and Musk, her favourite raw materials. The mythological character Iris, messenger of the gods, inspires this very personal perfume. The bearer of good news, Iris was cherished by Hera, the wife of Zeus. She also personifies the rainbow, known poetically as “the scarf of Iris”. Iris Fauve drapes the skin like a soft and reassuring caress. It is an intensely sensual composition. The palette contains smooth as well as powdery elements, spices and at times a defined animalic presence. A refined fragrance, Iris Fauve is warm and enticing, offering comfort and elegance.

Top: Bergamot, Cinnamon, Iris
Heart: Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver, Cypriol
Base: Myrrh, Cistus, Musks, Liatrix

He – Sweet and spicy musk with touch of beautiful iris. Some people might say that this scent is playing bit too safe – though for me it is total refinement. Elegant, very classic, suitable for formal occasions.

She – A very sweet variety of iris, probably not-existent in the universe. Smells wet only for a few seconds, than quickly turns into a very warm and nice scent infused with vanilla and cinnamon.

1_ATELIER DES ORS_A4_Musc Immortel

Golden light. Shimmering, dancing rays. Incandescent Immortelle. Elegance, always. A scented embrace. An eternal promise. Musc Immortel is a new limited edition Eau de Parfum (25%) from Atelier Des Ors, available exclusively at Harrods. Elegance, a rare nuanced form of beauty endures through time just as gold shines eternally. Immortelle, the golden flower renowned for its long lasting scent imparts a warm, caramelized and toasted aroma. Lingering on skin, it emits radiance and pure pleasure. A passionate serenade of scent ensues as sensuous musks and rich woods weave together as one. A sumptuous glow emanates, as if warmed by firelight. An addictive, intensely heartfelt yet refined fragrance, Musc Immortel will hold you tightly in its eternal embrace.

Top: Grapefruit, Clary Sage Absolute, Iris
Heart: Cypriol, Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver
Base: Ambrette, Immortelle Absolute, Musks

He – It is not a coincidence that we focus on Musc Immortel in the context of Iris Fauve, as both share lot of same elements. The Harrods-exclusive (though it might get wider distribution this year) is however, more musky and definitely more sensual. The musk is both comforting, almost fluffy, however spices and immortelle give it
needed, extra seductive kick. The longevity is again impressive!

She – The musky, very dry and iris-like opening does not really prepared me to what came after, which is a divine, warm and mingling softness. I almost see it, glittering delicately, and slowly turning around its longest axis, floating through space graciously. Extraterrestrial creature of raw beauty, almost unbelievably friendly, yet having some sort of mystery hidden under the surface. It is the bitterness of immortelle perhaps, or the claw of patchouli – its function remaining unimaginable yet somehow absolutely in place. Overall an elegant, whispering and intimate perfume, a sun-animal, no exception in the perfect line of Atelier des Ors.

Both scents are available as Eaux de Parfum 100ml – look for Iris Fauve in all authorized shops, while Musc Immortel is now being sold only at Harrods, 225 GBP. We know that the brand is preparing something exciting for the upcoming Esxence time and we will be reporting on that soon!

Pictures, quotes and samples – Atelier des Ors, opinions our own. Special thank you to brand’s PR Megan Paki for her support.