Swedish, Stockholm-based niche fragrance and accessories company BYREDO founded by charismatic Ben Gorham took the market by storm since its establishment start in 2006.
Shortly after the launch of magnificent Rose Of No Man`s Land, the brand announces exciting new products: permanent trio of Extraits Night Veils Collection created “for people of the night” and Subzero Collection – limited line of festive fragranced candles.

Ben Gorham, founder of BYREDO

Night Veils Collection is dedicated to three flowers: lily (Casablanca Lily fragrance), jasmine (Midnight Candy) and rose (Reine de Nuit) – night plants with their seductive and lush aura. Three Extraits promise sensual aroma, powerful sillage and they have been created for people whose creative energy comes also to life by night.

When the last rays of sun have gone, the most intense fragrance is diffused. Jasmine, lily, and rose: many flowers in a powerful sillage unveil their mysteries once night falls. Inspired by those hours impregnated with floral particles, the Night Veils collection by Byredo offers a new perfume ritual. A single drop on the skin of one of these three new concentrates is enough to diffuse the sensuality of each flower. Three Night Veils to envelop the allure of a rare elegance. The main theme of each composition, flowers of the night – jasmine, lily and rose – playing the sensory ranges. Yet, Night Veils are not monolithic vases. Like floral shrubs which take on the fragrances which surround them, each perfume gains character through subtle contact with other essences.


The first one of the night veils of this exclusive collection combines a strong plum with the hypnotic power of gardenia. This directs the nocturnal seduction over a subtle clove and a bewitching tuberose. A creamy base made of rosewood and honey completes the nocturnal experience.

Top Notes: Black Plum, Wild Gardenia
Heart Notes: Carnation, Indian Tuberose
Base Notes: Palisander, Honey



The second veil of the night starts with a soft iris and leads into a heavy, narcotic jasmine absolue – flanked by another flower of the night: the black violet. Warm osmanthus gushes over a vanilla infusion and takes care for a long lasting, nightly fragrant experience… Actually forbidden like candies in the night, but who cares?

Top Notes: Carrot, Iris
Heart Notes: Jasmine Absolue, Black Violet
Base Notes: Osmanthus, Vanilla Infusion



The third night veil of this exclusive collection starts with a soft saffron and the fruity power of black currant. And as the night absorbs the day, the midnight rose opens her flower embedded in a spicy incense. The power of the darkness gets momentum by patchouli and becomes completed in a base by black ambergris and powdery ambrette seeds.

Top Notes: Saffron, Black Currant
Heart Notes: Midnight Rose, Incense
Base Notes: Patchouli, Black Ambergris, Ambrette Seeds

BYREDO Night Veils collection will be available as 30 ml Extraits de Parfum, 350 EUR (325 GBP) each from October 2015 (Harrods-exclusive) and November 2015 from all other retailers – they can now be preordered at Essenza Nobile.

In the other news, BYREDO unveiled collection of three festive fragranced candles. Subzero collection contains three winter creations presented in white frosted glass.


A basket full of fruity, flowery aromas – spicy juniper berry and a delicately tart blackcurrant. The rosy, lemony flavors of iced geranium are enhanced by refreshing, citrus-heavy magnolia and finally the fragrance leads to juicy, woody notes of the tropical lychee tree.


A fruity, oriental dance of juicy, sweet aromas and fresh, greenish facets. Lush figs from the Mediterranean combine with tangy redcurrant to a lively top notes which slowly result in a cool, sensual harmony of powdery midnight violet and woody bamboo. The air is filled with an intense aroma, a hint of vanilla whipped cream whilst golden Sandalwood mixes among these essences.


A sensual, fruity and woody fragrance with mild flavors of velvety plum, mixed with the tart fruit of Acai and the delicious notes of honey date. The delicious setup is enhanced by aromatic davana. This rich, seductive aromas evolve into one of wintergreen dominated basenote with leather aromas of birch and a dark, musky patchouli.

BYREDO Subzero Collection candles will be available in 240g size, 65 EUR each from November 2015.

Quotes by BYREDO press release and Essenza Nobile, pictures via Essenza Nobile, additional information by The Black Narcissus blog where some first impressions can be found. Thank you.