LM Parfums France Laurent Mazzone – brand envisioned by Laurent Mazzone keeps suprise its fanbase with unique creations. After the recent Malefic Tattoo, company presents the new composition: Sensual & Decadent Extrait de Parfum.
This opulent, slighlty sweet perfume was previewed during Pitti Fragranze 2015 and is positioned as Special Edition which surely would please fans of company’s no.1 bestseller: Sensual Orchid.


The myth says that the goddess Aphrodite had her own bed deep inside the dark forest. Made of gentle moss, covered with bronzed leafs and bathed in gold resins, no one could escape her sensuality.
Sensual & Decadent is an Aphrodite remixed!
A scent which goes beyond the search for conventions,
The embodiment of all the luxury and glamour.
Nothing can surpass it, that’s why you can find Baroque’s beauty inside.
Mingled bodies, decadency, gold glitter and Baroque’s glamour, a touch of modern sensuality, this perfume is playing through your skin senses.

lm sd

Top notes: Lisylang, Rhubarb
Heart notes: Heliotrope, Labdanum
Base notes: Oud, Vanilla Infusion, Benzoin

LM Parfums Spécial Edition Sensual & Decadent Extrait de Parfum will be available in November 2015 via LM Parfums France Laurent Mazzone website, Premiere Avenue and other authorized retailers.
The review of Sensual & Decadent will be added to planned Persefume‘s take on LM Parfums very soon.