The highly ancitipated, sixth composition by Swiss natural perfumes house of Richard Lüscher Britos has finally arrived to the market after its Piti Fragranze 2016 launch. We truly loved first five fragrances created by such great names as Vero Kern and Andy Tauer and reviewed them in our “He says, she says” series, so our expectations were set really high.

From the left: Malvin Richard, Serena Britos, Lukas Lüscher – brand founders

Richard Lüscher Britos brand was founded by three passionates with mission of capturing scents from the most fascinating places on Earth and new 32°N 08°W – Marocco – Nana Mint apparently transports us to Morocco. The composition was signed by perfumer Delphine Thierry famous from her scents for such houses as Masque, Malbrum and Lubin.

Richard Lüscher Britos at Pitti Fragranze 2016 – photo by Persefume

After dancing in Columbia’s paradise (Terroir de Colombia), diving into Malagasy biodiversity (Terroir de Madagascar) and Calabria’s most recent traditions (Terroir de Calabria), trekking across France’s wild south (Terroir de Provence) and discovering the symbioses of Swiss mountains (Terroir d’Anniviers), they ventured out to Moroc-co, where they were met with extraordinary hospitality in an Oasis of sweet traditions. Their Sixth Terroir is born.

Pyramid of 32°N 08°W – Marocco – Nana Mint has been presented as fragrant ode in three major accords:


Accord I – Sacred Hospitality
Hospitality is sacred in the area around Marrakech; and this is only one of its many wonderful traditions. Another is the famous ceremony of freshly brewed nana mint tea, that is prepared and served with plenty of sugar to welcome guests. Its fresh sweet aromatic fragrance merges with the delicate fruity aroma of watermelon served as a side dish. So just the right atmosphere for sharing the lastest News from the villages is created.

Accord II – Desert Oasis
The imposing mountains of the Atlantic range on the one side and the influence of the Mediterranean on the other create an extreme climate in this region. The areas regularly reached by water become places of stunning splendor. Oases of vegetation where dates and sweet figs grow; their fruity aroma mingles harmoniously with the herbaceous and floral scent of jasmine, accacia blossom and honey-sweet roses.

Accord III – The Storytellers
In the evening, the city squares are filled with street artists and their outlandish performances. The most appreciated ones are the storytellers, who gather around them large and passionate audiences. Their stories seem to acquire a life on their own. While listening to them, women have their hands, feet and other parts of the body painted with henna whose leaves release sweet and watery green notes. Some of the stories are thereby brought to live on the skin through symbols and drawings.

And how does 32°N 08°W – Marocco – Nana Mint smell?

He – Jakub: Sweet Maroccan tea is not my favourite drink to be honest (the so aromatic food is another story though!), yet I find this scented impression really pleasant and easy to wear. The mint is not too overhelming, or chemical, fruits and spices put the scent in more oriental direction while green elements add so needed freshness. Nana Mint is lovely, summery addition to the line, perhaps bit more modern and less complex than previous creations, yet very enjoyable.

She – Aleksandra: Juicy and bitter as hell, it slowly morphs into something equally juicy and hot, with a hint of mint to make a counterpoint. Reminds me of English jams made of orange peel and other bitter-sweet inventions I am not very comfortable with. If it’s tea, I would drink with caution first, but then with pleasure, as it develops a fluffy, milky facet. Le Feu d’Issey anyone? Still, don’t drink it when it’s cold, sweetness becomes unbearable.

32°N 08°W – Marocco – Nana Mint is available from Richard Lüscher Britos, 150 CHF for Eau de Parfum 50ml.

Quotes by Richard Lüscher Britos – thank you!