Maison Incens – French perfume house founded by Philippe Constantin has just unveiled its new collection Les Eaux Divinatoires starting with two new incense-centered creations: Encens Kapnos and Encens Pyro, both based on divination rituals of fantasy land Artganis which serves as the main brand’s inspiration.

Philippe Constantin – Founder and Creative Director of Maison Incens


Encens Kapnos is the first opus in Maison Incens’ new collection called « Les Eaux Divinatoires ». Kapnos in Greek means smoke. Kapnomancy otherwise known as libanomancy is divination by observing and interpreting burning incense smoke as well as its ash. On Artganis they use a special incense combined with red fruits, green herbs, woods to connect their material world with the subtle world. The smoke that comes from the burning of incense is a symbolic conversation with the “subtle world”.

Head Notes: Red fruits, blackcurrant bud, green herbs
Heart Notes: Leather, woods, incense
Base Notes: Incense (Frankincense Resinoid from Somalia, Cistus labdanum from Spain), musks, gourmand accords

Nose: Eric Gigodot


Encens Pyro is the second entry in « les eaux divinatoires ». Piro in Greek means fire. Pyromancy is the art of divination by means of fire. On Artganis they use a special incense combined with woods, flowers and spices to divine the future.

Head Notes: Bergamot, fire, spices
Heart Notes: Iris, jasmine, honey, Atlas cedarwood from Morocco, animalic accord, incense (Frankincense essential oil Somalia, Frankincense resinoid Somalia)
Base Notes: Sandalwood, leather, musks, vanilla, gourmand notes, patchouli

Nose: Eric Gigodot

Maison Incens Encens Kapnos and Encens Pyro are available as Eaux de Parfum in 50ml – 98 EUR and 100 ml – 139 EUR. They can be pre-ordered via the official e-boutique and soon will reach brand’s authorised retailers.

Pictures and quotes – Maison Incens.