To keep the Italian spirit, on my way to Florence I am covering interesting and young brand Pantheon Roma paying heritage to the beautiful and inspiring era of Renaissance and one particular love story. The brand was established in 2013 as solo project of people full of passion for fragrances: Paoli Fadelli who for more than 30 years has been working in the niche perfume industry and his son, Leone Fadelli.


Pantheon Roma is inspired by the most beautiful story of the Italian Renaissance. The story is delightful and tells of Raphael Sanzio who, when called to Rome by the Pope to paint his apartments, finds himself moving among the grandest aristocracy of the time, becoming betrothed to marry Maria, niece of Cardinal Medici. But Raphael falls helplessly in love with Margherita, daughter of a baker in the Trastevere district. A forbidden love, given their comparative difference in wealth, which is consumed in the garden behind her father’s bakery. And theirs is such a great passion that after a fiery night with Margherita, Raphael falls ill and dies a few days later. He is buried in the temple of the Pantheon – the only artist to receive such an honor. Margherita closes herself in a nearby convent to remain close to him and as a declaration of her eternal love for him. This story is so beautiful and powerful that it has been told with perfumes that can re-­evoke memories and feelings like few others.

The Pantheon Roma line comprises of five pure Extraits de Parfum. Brand creators prefer not to reaveal full olfactory pyramids, but rather use term of Emotive Pyramids which just highlight the main direction of fragrances. The project wants to show modern people that there is always a way to dream: searching for beauty and love.

Let’s quickly review all Pantheon Roma compositions:



It’s a men’s and unisex fragrance, intriguing and mysterious. Raffaello has the soul of a creative, bewildered, refined artist.

Notes: Absinthe, Leather, Wood

Fragrance for real dandy, so powerful and masculine combining typical fougere notes with citrus and absinthe accords, I also detect nice touch of gourmand elements which reminds me of pure dark chocolate. Very long-lasting, for me it is essence of masculine Italian perfumery. Long-lasting compliments getter – if you like classics like e.g. Aramis, but with nice twist – give it a go!


Donna Margherita

Warm, sensual, seductive and harmonious, charming and irresistible; like an inquisitive, attractive woman: soft and strong.
Her smile is hard to resist …

Notes: Tuberose, Jasmin, Lily of the valley.

Donna Margherita is shy and bit prude lady. You can kiss her cheek, but do not expect something more. Whiff of delicate tuberose and other subtle white flowers make this scent discreet and far from being too sensual, or animalic.


Green, woody and slightly pungent yet at the same time harmonious. It expresses the profile of a person who is distinguished and delicate, sincere and spontaneous, but also deep and thoughtful…

Notes: Ivy, Lichens, Wood, Floral bouquet.

Il Giardino3

Nice. Yes, word “nice” can summarize my impressions. Green indeed, but not in citrusy way, very refreshing and summery. Perfect if you want to smell good, but not in compicated, or challenging manner. Seems to be more quiet than other perfumes in the range.


Notte D'Amore

Strongly passionate, provocative and fascinating. Precious and rare.It expresses a charismatic profile with a strong personality, able to seduce and intrigue at first sight.

Notes: Vetiver, Petit Grain, Pepper, Oud.

That is one unusual fragrance. Pepper, lot of wood (oud?), but also some milky, sour note a la sorely missed Le Feu d’Issey. Quite experimental, yet still with very classic character. Enjoyable.



Olfactory image, warm, gourmand and sensual. Strong and audacious soul.

Notes: Davana, Chestnut cream, Jasmin, Vanilla.

The lastest 2015 release, perfume composed by Arturetto Landi, man behind several niche perfumes e.g. amazing Rundholz duo. Inspired by bakeries of Roman Trastevere district, it is definitely gourmand, but not in the typical way. Aromas of chestnut, milk, chocolate, vanilla and hint of davana are mixed with flowers – at the first stage the perfume is mesmarizing, but afterwards it is loosing its density. We are left with aroma which can be perfect for interior fragrances – this impression was confirmed by my friends who were looking for some vanilla candles around. But well, it was just me! Still, it is my 2nd favourite of the whole range after glorious Raffaello.

Pantheon Roma perfumes are elegant, well-thought, very Italian indeed, although not too groundbreaking, but it was not the brand’s mission after all. Available as Extraits de Parfum 50ml, 138 EUR RPP. Stores list indicated here.

Pantheon Roma’s shop window created by Polish stockist Perfumeria Ambrozja

Samples received from Pantheon Roma, thank you! (actually, the way of receiving those vials was quite suprising and funny: I have met Paolo and Leone Fadelli by the suprise during my business trip in Hamburg – we even stayed at the same hotel. World is full of coincidences!