Laurent Mazzone‘s LM Parfums has prepared special surprise for fans of the bestselling Black Oud and Ultimate Seduction creations. Those Extraits de Parfum are now available in the remixed versions forming the new Extreme collection.

LM Parfums Extreme line debuts first via brand’s e-boutique and on selected markets: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Knowing the history of previous exclusive launches, we might expect their wider release at the later stage.


When Oud flows like lava, like a force, the intense heat forms a shivering glass shield within the powerful protection of darkness. Like glowing lava flows the inevitable. The hard impact of the inevitable forever changes the path. Deepens the tracks of the journey. Prayer turns into prophesy and prophesy commands the truth. Extreme Amber, when focused, makes for remarkable fire.

Head Notes: Incense, Spices
Heart Notes: Oud Accord, Ambre Gris
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Chive, Castoreum, Vanilla


Obsession and addiction is where it begins. Firsts few steps in a ritual to focus desire into pure carnal lust. To glance through a gateway to a path leading higher. But when glowing ambers spark wild fires, when the sky is a broken mirror, then you know you’re on the other side. Across the line, passion throws flames and all reflects and burns to become one extreme.

Head Notes: Ylang-ylang, Saffron
Heart Notes: Egyptian Jasmine, Leather
Base Notes: PatchoulI, Animal Accord

Both new creations are already available from LM Parfums E-Boutique as Extraits de Parfums, 295 EUR each.

Via brand’s press release.