Today Persefume brings you the first review of 2021: Jakub and Aleksandra‘s impressions on the latest Parfums Dusita‘s creation: Moonlight in Chiangmai (for reviews of nine previous Dusita fragrances please click here).

Pissara Umavijani of Parfums Dusita


Inspired by the ambiance of Chiangmai, a city in the North of Thailand, Parfums Dusita’s latest Eau de Parfum carries an air of mystery and sensuality. Playing with the contrast between light and shadow, Moonlight in Chiangmai paints in olfactory terms a wonderful scene of the city at night, lit by the moonlight and the paper lanterns floating in the sky.

The Opening: An energetic citrusy freshness from the exotic Japanese Yuzu combined to the floral opulence of night blooming Jasmine.

​At the Heart: The warm spiciness of Indian Nutmeg blended with the vanillin nuanced sweetness of Benzoin Siam build a wonderfully dense heart.

​The Base Notes: A resinous touch of Myrrh beautifully wrapped by woody tones of Patchouli Indonesia, Vetiver Haiti and Thai Wood in a comfortable long-lasting embrace.

“I could feel myself again in that wonderful night scenery, and wanted to transmit this magical feeling to others. I depicted the soft moonlight and desired nocturnal mood blending the unique energy of exotic Japanese Yuzu with the floral opulence of night-blooming Indian Jasmin, as well as my own, exclusive Teak Wood accord that lovingly evokes my homeland, Thailand.” Pissara Umavijani

He – Moonlight in Chiangmai is so different from the previous Dusita’s offerings. It feels more modern, perhaps less-challenging, but still very complex and classy. Energetic yuzu drowned in the heavy cloud of spices, woods, resins and sweet overdose of Benzoin Siam which lingers for hours. It brings lot of so much needed comfort and coziness, but without loosing its elegance and charm. People around me seem to love its gourmand nuances and I can clearly see why!

She – I love how the creations by Dusita always tell a story. And a long one for that matter – it’s never a spoiler, a teaser or a glimpse, promising something bigger than life and always failing short at meeting the expectations. It’s a story that unfolds slowly, with taste of something traditional, with a rich cultural background. Even though some of Dusita’s creations are not my drug of choice, if I use them I never regret. Moonlight in Chiangmai is probably the most mass-appealing perfume of the brand so far, which makes it even more likable then the rest! Approachable is perhaps a better word, for Moonlight is rather extravert, simply asking us –all of us! as it is definitely a unisex – to come closer and get to know each other. The ingredient accountable is probably Yuzu, bursting with optimism, with a most unexpected pine-like twist. The perfume change face regularly, exposing more dry, almost astringent nutmeg note, still remaining exuberantly fruity, sparkling and joyous. Another love from Dusita!

Parfums Moonlight in Chiangmai is available as Eau de Parfum 50ml (170EUR), 100ml (240 EUR) and Travel Spray Set (85 EUR).

Pictures, samples and quotes – Parfums Dusita. Opinions – our own.


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