It is not a secret that Persefume adores style of Pissara Umavijani‘s Parfums Dusita. Previously we have reviewed both intitial Extraits trio plus the latest Eaux de Parfums and today there is time for our double take on the two upcoming EdP creations: Erawan and Fleur de Lalita inspired by Thai gods and myths.

Pissara Umavijani – perfumer and founder of Parfums Dusita

Both scents wre secretly previewed during Pitti Fragranze and are scheduled for the early 2018 release (with samples already availabe on the brand’s page.


The opening, the heart-stopping blend of heavenly flowers – Rose de Mai from Grasse, Magnolia Absolute, Jasmine Grandiflora, Lilium Candidum Absolute. Uplifting green Galbanum from Iran balanced by balsamic sweetness from Ylang Ylang Extra from Indonesia. At the heart, the unique and mysterious notes of soft, warm Ambrette Seed Absolute with an exceptional – a sensual exotic floral accord inspired by the Legend of Lalita. The base notes, a long-lasting harmony of Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar and Sandalwood Mysore, with the aphrodisiac scent of Tonka Beans Absolute and a seductive hint of Ambergris. Lasting harmony through a long dry down.

Jakub – Beautiful, cold and crispy white floral, both bright and elegant. I can mostly detect lily, magnolia and some rose. Galbanum touch is the clear reference to Dusita’s majestic Le Sillage Blanc – actually Fleur de Lalita could be his innocent, secret lovechild. Just few sprays bring chic aura which lasts the whole day. Impressive!

Aleksandra – A rare case when top notes linger throughout the whole life of the perfume; I don’t get ylang and jasmine, but I smell rose and galbanum all the way, which makes this perfume beautifully fresh, light and pure. Add ambrette to achieve a smooth, powdery finish, and here you are: Fleur de Lalita, as elegant and simple as white linen.


The opening. Brisk, fresh green herbal notes stirs the senses and blends joyfully with energetic, soft citral notes of Petitgrain from Paraguay for an individual harmony! At the heart, A rousing Muguet accords with Vetiver Haiti deliver the pure country-fresh fragrance of new, with rich balsamic notes of the forest from Hay Absolute, the caumarinic Liatrix Absolute, and the intimately mellow scent of Clary Sage. The base notes. Played by a trio of spontaneous, earthy aromas – magical Cedarwood, a woody Oakmoss Absolute and an extremely rare, rich natural Vanilla Absolute.

Jakub – Erawan is the most conceptual Dusita’s scent so far. Green fields, hay and unexpected gourmand vanilla twist. My friends told me: “it smells like damp cigarette smoked in the middle of the small village” – and it is the perfect summary! Very creative, bit nostalgic scent far from trends. Chapeau bas!

Aleksandra – Highly unusual scent. I realize there are some top notes mentioned in the description, but what I get from the first whiff are deep, myserious and somewhat primal accords of dry cedar and moist moss. Slightly sweetened by vanilla this mixture is as lush and damp as wonderful, narcotic Manoumalia – but without the use of flowers. I guess it’s hay that gives it this unique vertigo effect. It’s also hard not to think about sandalwood when I smell this perfume – woods create almost milk-like layer atop the dry base. The overall impression is a very special one – I don’t think i have ever smelt anything like that before. It’s so otherwordly that I even had this thought that it must contain a modern molecule smelling like anything else in this world. Or maybe it’s just exotic nature? Great projection and longevity.


Curious about those two upcoming offers? Thanks to generosity of charming Pissara, we are drawing exclusive set of two 7,5ml Travel Sprays of Erawan and Fleur de Lalita! To enter, just comment this article. The winner will be selected by on 12 February (comments are moderated and will appear after admins’ approval). We will announce lucky person under this post day later, so do not forget to come back! Also, please show some love to Persefume and Dusita FB fanpages, best luck!