It is been a while since Parfums Dusita appeared on our blog (check previous reviews of the three Extraits followed by two first Eaux de Parfums and Erawan / Fleur de Lalita). Today we are coming back to the world of Pissara Umavijani’s Dusita with our “He says, she says” take on the latest releases: Splendiris and Le Pavillon d’Or, accompanied by the worldwide giveaway.

Jakub’s intro: I was never dissapointed by Parfums Dusita, this house always delivers fragrances which pay hommage to the traditional high perfumery: unique, long-lasting, with lot of natural ingredients and dose of nostalgy. This is also the case of the latest scents, although here Pissara Umavijani goes even further creating something more bright, solar, full of hope and serenity so much needed in the current times.

Pissara Umavijani – photo by Parfums Dusita

Aleksandra’s intro: I love how the creations by Dusita always tell a story. And a long one for that matter – it’s never a spoiler, a teaser or a glimpse, promising something bigger than life and always failing short at meeting the expectations. It’s a story that unfolds slowly, with taste of something traditional, with a rich cultural background. Even though some of Dusita’s creations are not my drug of choice, if I use them I never regret.


Splendiris is a fragrance in whose heart the passion of the whole life resides surrounded by infinite layers of Iris tenderness. A multi-dimensional unique and natural perfume. The Opening: An invigorating citrus accord – cheerful Bergamot, clean green Mandarin Capua, and refreshing Orange Sanguine, joined by intensive green Violet Leaf Absolute, earthy Fig Leaf, and herbaceous, vivacious Carrot Seed Oil. At the Heart, Sweet Oris Butter from the Iris, subtle notes of Violet, in harmony with delicate Rose de Mai and the honey and; tea undertones of Jasmine Sambac. The Base Notes: Warm, balsamic Vanilla Absolute meets n’ greets smooth rich Cedarwood Oil, a deep, woody Vertiver Oil, with a soupçon of exclusive, addictive Ambergris for a long and sensual dry down.

He – Warm, solar iris accompanied by crisp violets, jasmine and green/citrusy accords. The name is so accurate – it is splendid fragrance, perhaps less dense and complex than previous creations, but at the same time full of joy and charm.

She – a very unusual rendition of the cool flower – it’s not cold at all here, actually I find it on the verge of being juicy. Bergamot and green mandarin play an important role here, introducing dancing, radiant and glowing head, drunk with a huge amount of astonishingly fleshy jasmin sambac. It renders a huge dose of sensuality here, and rose makes the whole composition even more sanguine. Overall: surprisingly sexy, musky perfume, an aphrodisiac.


Le Pavillon d’Or – the first Parfum Dusita’s scent also coming as 100ml size.

Le Pavillon d’Or is inspired by a very human quest for happiness and inner peace, it evokes the sheer joy of serene self- confidence and peace of mind. The Opening, A fresh green Wild Menthe Citrata uplifts the soul in thrilling harmony with the sparkling floral sweetness of endlessly seductive Honeysuckle Extrait. At the Heart, The elegance of rare Boronia Absolute adds a fruity floralextravagance, perfectly complementing the opulence and power of golden-honeyed Frankincense Green Sacra. The gentle herbal warmth of White Thyme Oil adds relaxed refinement. The Base Notes, The soft vanilla & toasted rum barrel fragrance of English Oakwood is blended with a classic, clean & woody Sandalwood Spicata. Two spectacular base notes creating a long and sensual dry down.

He – So much green! Mint, fig leaves, woods entwined with delicate whiffs of incense. Its structure also differs – there is more air and transparency here, but without loosing traditional Dusita’s longevity. Relaxing, melancholic perfume – zen in the bottle.

She – absolutely unique rendition of fig leaf theme. Almost rain-on-dust-in-the-summer refreshment, so typical in fig perfumes, is immediately enveloped with a golden glow of honeysuckle and deep woods, which makes the perfume both mild and grand. Orris root is true to the core and supports the entirety of composition. Here and there, when opportunity arises, herbs twinkle like rays of light in deep green of the forest. Le Pavillon D’Or reminds me of good old days splendour and peace, lost forever, so there’s also a nostalgic note in the composition. Overall: remarkable and like no other.

Parfums Dusita Splendiris is available as Eau de Parfum 50ml, 185 EUR, while Le Pavillon d’Or comes as Eau de Parfum in two sizes (50ml – 170 EUR, 100ml – 240 EUR).

Pictures, samples and quotes by Parfums Dusita. Opinions – our own.


Thanks to Parfums Dusita’s genorosity, we are offering 7.5 ml refillable Travel Spray of your choice (either in Splendiris, or Le Pavillon d’Or) accompanied by sample of the second scent (total prize value ca. 60 EUR).
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