After the successful first edition Parisian TRANOÏ fashion and perfumes tradeshow is coming back, again with the impressive selection of prestigious niche perfumery exhibitors. This season its guests would have unique occasion to discover the official scented installation: Parfum INDÉLÉBILE envisioned by artist Philippe Di Méo of Liquides Imaginaires. Persefume is happy to bring you news on this suprising project!


Parfum INDÉLÉBILE is the first scent ever which, apart of its heavy aroma, leaves permanent blue stains bringing artistic manifesto to purity and order. Some scents have power to become imprinted in our memory – and INDÉLÉBILE goes further: it becomes literally irremovable.

Scents can open up the past. A memory returns to us almost against our will. And since this is a characteristic of perfume, why not use it as a marker of time? INDELEBILE suggests using the power of our olfactory memory to decide what our future memories will be, thanks to a unique, identifiable scent, the symbol of strong emotions yet to come. “I’m using perfume because this is an important moment I don’t want to forget. A memory that must remain indelible. My perfume will leave a trace of emotion, a sign like a tattoo, a mark like a scar. A scent will act to value this moment. ” Philippo Di Méo


Parfum INDÉLÉBILE has been composed by Ann-Sophie Behaghel and Amélie Bourgeois, two renowned noses of Flair Paris is inspired by smell of fresh paint, markers, with heady, even bit narcotic notes of solvent, almonds, ink and gouache. Fragrance which really matches its concept and colour!


Between 25 and 25 June TRANOÏ PARIS visitors would be able to experience Parfum INDÉLÉBILE via special Perfume Spray Booth where they can permanently mark fabric t-shirts with a unique fragrance-paint mix and create a memory both tangible and olfactive.



For those would not be able to attend the exhibition, it will be possible to get one of the 12 sets consisting of INDÉLÉBILE perfume and a T-shirt, available exclusively during TRANOÏ (25-27 June) only at at L’Eclaireur Sévigné and Liquides. Price per kit – 120 EUR.


Pictures – via TRANOÏ and Philippe Di Méo’s press office – thank you! More about the event on special FB page.
Tranoi: 25-27 June 2016, Cité de la Mode et du Design 34, quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris