The third O’DRIÙ‘s Angel is coming to Earth, or more literally – into the Sea. After Italian Angel and Gothic Angel, Italian rebel perfumer Angelo Orazio Pregoni introduces his new creation: Sea Angel.

sea 1

Sea Angel is still covered in mystery – Angelo Orazio Pregoni likes to provoke in the ironic way, without reavealing too much. Henrique of PDD – Perfume do Dia presented his vision already and now Persefume exclusively presents the official Sea Angel video by Angelo Orazio Pregoni.

sea 2
Angelo Orazio Pregoni

I think the Sea Angel’s concept is in the video, in an idea of a kind of promiscuity and misunderstanding between good and bad, between (good but harmful) and (bad but vital). I believe you have the sensitivity to understand the video that is my whole project, including music. Angelo Orazio Pregoni

Let’s enjoy then!

O’DRIÙ Sea Angel will be available from mid-Feb 2017 – quotes, images and video via O’DRIÙ, thank you! We will report you on our impressions very soon.