Should we try to look for other forms of artistic expression in the perfumery world? Perfumer Angelo Orazio Pregoni of Italian niche perfume and art house O’DRIÙ and his signature NoUseART movement brings us now quite strong message related to the introduction of his latest fragrance: Italian Angel.

Pregoni recently announced his departure from traditonal fairs.

I don’t hate perfumery world, I just do not want to give any more attention to Pitti, or Esxence. This is my opinion, but I really think they are events for distributors and sometimes fake Noses. Some of brands are just marketing inventions! So let me say that O’driù had a rule in the past to propose innovation and new typology of communication, now we stop it! Recently I was reading an interview to Gillo Dorfles, 104 years old, an istitution in contemporary art he was sayng:“Half of the intellectuals are conformists and lacking in courage.” About perfumery world I can say this is not true, the right proposition would be “Half of the intellectual perfumers are conformists and half lacking in courage.”

O’DRIÙ founder is known from his unusual, sometimes shocking performances and many moves like open criticizing of other perfumers’ work which obviously did not bring him too much sympathy from brands, or bloggers. Pregoni has been even recently banned from the cult Basenotes and to commemorate this fact he created limited scent Kiss My Ass Basenotes which as you see was announced by this famous website.
Is it all just form of self-promotion, seeking of attention, or perhaps looking for new ways of showing his art and truly important message about the current state of niche perfumery? We are here to inform, not to judge – so we let you decide yourself!

Now Pregoni comes back with wider release Italian Angel and promotional video: “summary of pathetic mood and kitsch, with Pregoni’s personal surrealist interpretation” premiering on Persefume:

“The wait is ending. A new challenge is on the horizon, and nothing can stop him to fight to the knockout. Of his opponents, of course. A myth is preparing to return, a legend is about to be born.”


Talking about Italian Angel, Pregoni describes it as:

It is attempt to summarize all the features of Italian perfumery, those kitsch up to the most classic! An innovative unisex vetiver, blooming with jasmine, rose, and divergent elements such as banana and cocoa! A base of Tuscan tobacco and all citrus aromas typical of Italians. It could not miss the coffee!


Italian Angel
“For those who hoped to see him going to the mat.
For those who awaited in hope the new challenge .
For those who craved a retirement from the ring.
For those who wanted to see again his hook to score.
For those, whatever is their side, he has not given up yet.
For all of them, He is back.”

O’DRIÙ Italian Angel is coming on the market in mid-October 2015 as EdP 50ml. Quotes, video and picture by O’DRIÙ Team.