Another suprise from the Milanese house of O’Driù by charismatic nose Angelo Orazio Pregoni! After exclusive preview of Italian Angel, Persefume is now presenting movie and details on the second part of “Angel(o)” story: Gothic Angel .

The talent of a Nose:
Gift and curse.
Extraordinariness in ordinary.
Beauty from disgusting.

The new perfume continues to provoke, this time taking “modern gothic” approach as the main theme of the creation – antidote for the “all bed smells of this world”. The idea is perfectly explained in the Gothic Angel movie, again with signature O’Driù vibe telling the story of perfume genius disguised as “Gianni”.

As much as he desires it, as much as he try to do it, can a Nose escape from himself? Can his talent be suspended? If he remains himself, he has to carry the weight of his role. If he hides his identity, he has to face the harsh reality and its worst aspects.

“The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else.”Umberto Eco

After he experienced on his skin – or rather, through his nose! – this unsolvable contradiction, Angelo Orazio Pregoni changed his new awareness into art. He renewed his inner creative tension. He revitalized his interpretative ability, he reinvented – again! – a style from its deformation: another grotesque operation in the very now famous way of O’DRIÙ: O’Driuesque. It’s also just the way it was born Gothic Angel, the perfume that turns common, grotesque gothic elements in an authentic and “modern” gothic feelings.


Gothic Angel: Undercover Perfume by Angelo Orazio Pregoni


BUILDINGS OF FLOWER: mimosa, ylang ylang, jasmine, violet, rose, lavender
“BARBAROUS GERMAN STYLE” FROM GIORGIO VASARI (30 July 1511 – 27 June 1574): wormwood, sandalwood, musk
LATE MEDIEVAL PERIOD: incense, frankincense
PREGONILAND, CENTER OF CULTURE AND MYSTICISM: tobacco, grapefruit, cassis, resinoid amber
SWEET DREAM OF UMBERTO ECO (Alexandria, January 5, 1932 – Milan, 19 February 2016) resinoid amber, vanilla, “the Absent Structure”.

Gothic Angel will debut at the end of March 2016 at O’Driù E-Boutique where now also many vintage and truly limited Arte editions are available. Three new scents Lalfeo Rosa, Grigio and Verde are going to be introduced soon as well.

Thank you to Angel Orazio “Gianni” Pregoni and Anna from O’Driù for this Persefume-excusive information!