It has become Persefume‘s tradition to exclusively present news about upcoming Philippe di Méo‘s Liquides Imaginaires creations. This is also the case of Desert Suave – the third, last opus of Les Eaux Imaginaires trilogy following Île Pourpre and Fleuve Tendre.

Liquides Imaginaires Desert Suave – photo by Heuduck

This new perfume created by Quentin Bisch and Nisrine Grillie is the third opus in the Eaux Imaginaires Trilogy, after Île Pourpre and Fleuve Tendre: an Oasis of imaginary lands. It is fertile land in the midst of the desert, with precious water fostering luxuriant vegetation. It is an invitation to stop, relax and delight in pleasures of the five senses. This perfume is reminiscent of palm fruit – dates and baskets brimming with the spices and flavours of travelling pilgrims and caravans. As they pass by, they leave behind delicious perfume mingling with the hot wind.

Moreover, Mathias Enard (Prix Goncourt 2015), was inspired by Desert Suave, to write this short story, “The Perfume of the Desert.”

Desert Suave – campaign by Clem Arti

Désert suave is a warm breath.
Essences of oasis stir the mind.
A gentle mirage of the senses.
Philippe Di Méo

Philippe Di Méo – portrait by Heuduck


Oriental – Floral – Spicy
Perfumers: Quentin Bisch & Nisrine Grillie

Head Notes: Indian Cardamom, Italian Mandarin, Clove Extra Pure
Heart Notes: Orange Blossom from North Africa, Rose, Date
Base Notes: Spanish Cistus, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Moroccan Atlas Cedar

Liquides Imaginaires Desert Suave will be available later in September as Eau de Parfum 100ml, 175 €. It be also showcased at the upcoming Pitti Fragranze – sample of Desert Suave is already at our desk and we will review it soon.

Photos and quotes – Liquides Imaginaires, merci!