What happens when the famous, artistic nose, enfant terrible of Italian niche perfumery join forces with artistic brewery? It is the case of collaboration between Angelo Orazio Pregoni of Perfumes O’DriĆ¹ and 32 Via dei Birrai, craft microbrewery. The result is 32 Nebra by Angelo Orazio Pregoni, the first beer in the history born from the collaboration between a brewery and a perfumer who enriched the beer formula with new aromas and fragrances.


A product that opens new horizons, where the universal language of the senses becomes cross the experiences and connects distant seemingly worlds, to give us new sensations, authentic, without barriers and borders finally. Nebra by Angelo Orazio Pregoni, who years ago worked also as chef is a beer that offers a new and surprising sensory experience. It is obtained thanks to the perfect harmonization of modern production techniques and craftsmanship inspired procedures. Amber, re-fermented in the bottle, its intense buttery and baked fragrances evolve to fruity ones. Toasted hazelnut and coffee blend perfectly with the typical malt, hints of sweet red watermelon and bitter notes of cocoa, floral arrangements and apricot herbaceous fragrances. Nebra by Angelo Orazio Pregoni is much more than a beer. It is a sensory frontier. 32 merged the centuries-old tradition of brewing beer with a futuristic idea of it, led into new territories, largely unexplored and very far from their of mass market.


This unique product is produced in magnum size, limited edition of 15,000 pieces to celebrate 10 years of activity of 32 Via dei Birrai. Available from July 2016.

Source – press release and Angelo Orazio Pregoni