Persefume always follows work of artist and musician Filippo Sorcinelli, creative mind behind UNUM, Nebbia and SAUF fragrance brands. Now we are truly proud to share with you exclusive news about upcoming Pitti Fragranze launches and other big changes as the real revolution is about to begin!

Filippo Sorcinelli

First of all, the creator has just new launched Filippo Sorcinelli website which marks beginning of his eponymous, unified house. This way, UNUM and Nebbia become lines of this new brand. You might ask “and what about SAUF”? This collection has been renamed into Filippo Sorcinelli Extrait de Musique, with redesigned packaging as well.

Filippo Sorcinelli – UNUM campaign

FILIPPO SORCINELLI is a lifestyle brand, the result
of a contamination between the arts.
In 2014, as a tribute to the Atelier LAVS, the first fragrance of the
UNUM collection was born, like a sort of olfactory tailoring, then followed
by perfumes dedicated to the artistic passions of their creator:
gothic art, music, photography … the fog.
FILIPPO SORCINELLI is not only synonymous with niche fragrances;
the company’s projects range volcanically in every sector:
art, events, fashion, design, in a concept of life style that embraces
different aspects of contemporaneity through unusual shapes and materials.
A journey through spirituality and harmony, in the constant and audacious search for beauty.

Both UNUM and Extrait de Musique lines will have their new launches. The spiritual UNUM will introduce its biggest novelty: but_not_today – Extrait de Parfum inspired by Hannibal movie.

UNUM but_not_today

Back in Spring, we have smelled the preview version of this amazing fragrance full of metallic, bloody accords – 47 blood notes and 15 of white lily have been used until reaching the final effect.

UNUM but_not_today

Inspired by Ridley Scott’s film Hannibal,
shot mostly in Florence,
it is synaesthetically focused on the moment
in which Hannibal Lecter addresses a question to Clarice:
“Would you say to me: stop, if you love me stop?”
It is a constant search of each other, in two different ways,
in two different worlds.
Each of them reveals their love in forms that try to tessellate:
One brings together the past, the present, the future
The other one is unaware and does not realize
that her way of looking for the other means to love him.
One runs looking for elegance, art,
Hating the mediocrity of human,
Arriving extreme and insane points against “rude and unsophisticated people”
or who in some way could upset the Universal Beauty.
The other one runs among the cold and impersonal choices of his life,
Falling in love with an institution
Who never will repay its adept.
Perfection would be boring without that shiver of twisting fear
That anybody should have just to cross a glance.
Fear is a very good seductress.
But who can be afraid of those who love?
The vision now watches the opposite,
Towards an “alter ego” that despite his freedom
It is confined to the rigidities derived from the past and never overcome.
Just like seeing and believing, joys and suffering,
tracing an infinite ideal by thought
to love without borders and without restrictions…
in a race that enhances this harmony.

UNUM but_not_today

The other Filippo Sorcinelli‘s UNUM novelty is literally small – new 10ml travel spray sizes (35EUR) for all UNUM fragrances will be introduced!

UNUM LAVS 10ml spray

UNUM LAVS 10ml spray

Let us now move to the other Filippo Sorcinelli’s collection: Extrait de Musique.

The fragrances: sensual, wrinkled and sometimes angry juices ,
whose names refer to organ stops.
​Never smelled before, only compositions with a really strong personality.
The religious ivory cap with its shape is the
faithful reproduction of the stop’ s knob of the “Grand Orgue” of the
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
As concerning the names of the perfumes, they too have been inspired by the stops
of the Great Organ.

All Extrait de Musique creations (in Extrait de Parfum 50ml form) are now housed in new bottles hidden in the unique wooden box. Apart of redesigned package for three already existing Voix humaine 8, Contre Bombarde 32 and Plein-Jeu III-V, Filippo Sorcinelli unveils two completely new Extrait de Musique compositions: Unda maris 8 and Violon Basse 16.


From the Latin, “wave of the sea”, it refers to a particular register of the organ.
It is a “soul” register, part of the fluctuating family. It consists in two equal pipes, one of which, however, is slightly lower than the other.
By making them play simultaneously, the phase displacement between the two frequencies produces a particular physical phenomenon called beating, which generates the specific “swaying” and flute-like effect of the sound.
Unda maris is similar to the human voice register, but, unlike the latter, its sound is produced by slower beats.


Register of the organ made of wood or metal, it is often found in the pedal.
It takes its name from the orchestral tool with the same name, the largest member of the viola da gamba family.
The sound produces a first scraping effect that seems like the sound of a string being folded up.
Its sound is full, rich and imitative; but it’s a bit slow of word.

All Filippo Sorcinelli’s novelties: UNUM but_not_today Extrait de Parfum 100ml, new UNUM 10ml bottles and Extrait de Musique line will debut at the Pitti Fragranze. Series of accompanying events is also planned.

Quotes, photos and materials – Filippo Sorcinelli and his Team, grazie!