Last year Persefume as the first magazine unveiled details on Les Eaux Primordiales line created by Arnaud Poulain, with the support of nose Amelie Bourgeois, co-founder of studio Flair Paris.
Les Eaux Primordiales (The Primordial Waters) pay tribute to the traditional French Great Perfumery with timesless, innovative fragrances that redefine contemporary classics – all perfumes are highly concentrated (20-25%), macerated for at least 45 days and created from the highest quality ingredients.

Arnaud Poulain

Now, the collection expands with the seventh creation Mécanique Intuitive which I had a chance to briefly smell during meeting with Mr Poulain in Milano. Created again with Amelie Bourgeois, is strongly ambery, slightly animalic and sensual perfume which surely will bring new fans for this interesting line.

Visual by Tania Vincent

The name Les Eaux Primordiales comes from a Jules Verne’s novel (20000 lieues sous les mers). I’m a huge fan and I see Mécanique Intuitive as an homage to the extraordinary mechanics invented by this magnificent author. This perfume is solely built around core and base notes. Originating in the leather family,we also dabbled into the amber realm. We used “l’absolu de fève tonka” in high quantities, it’s one of my favorite materials, and first built a leather “accord” inspired by the fragrances from the 1950’s: with labdanum and violet. Then the amber “accord” comes in, with patchouli, benzoin, cacao, and some osmanthus to add a fruity side. Arnaud Poulain

Notes: Amber, tonka bean absolute, leather accord, labdanum, violet, patchouli, cacao, benzoin, osmanthus

Les Eaux Primordiales Mécanique Intuitive will be available in Extrait de Parfum 100ml from the official brand’s retailers including L`Eclaireur, Liquides, Les Senteurs (UK) and Harald Lubner (Germany).

Pictures and quotes- Les Eaux Primordiales, thank you!