After last year’s Così Blu, Italian fragrance house Pantheon Roma founded by Paolo and Leone Fadelli introduces ANNONE – new creation by Arturetto Landi, as always inspired by Renaissance and another fascinating story from Raphael Sanzio‘s life. Persefume is again pleased to present you exclusive news and details behind this exciting launch.

Pantheon Roma Annone

New Pantheon Roma fragrance tells us about a powerful amazement and a strong and passionate elegance through a perfume with deep and animalistic notes, made extremely refined by very precious ambers, a little musk hints, spices and fine Eastern resins.
ANNONE tells us about a sensual and deep perfume, but elegant at the same time. White, exactly. Once again, the inspiration comes from an extraordinary event about Raphael Sanzio’s life in the court of Pope Leone X. During 1514, Manuel I, the king of Portugal, contrary to the Spanish Crown, asked for the help of the Pope in order to obtain the domain of the Spice Route in the East. The king decided to obtain the benevolence of the Pope by an extraordinary gift. That’s why, on March 19th of the same year, the Portuguese came in Rome with a caravan of very rare animals for him.

Among them there was ANNONE, a wonderful albino elephant which overtops for its incomparable beauty. In that period it was very common among the monarchs to show animals from the East and, in particular, huge pachyderms, but nobody had never seen a white elephant, moreover very elegant. Leone X immediately loved it and the feeling between them both was so strong that the Pope paid to the precious animal any kind of possible attention. The elephant was brought in a building in the court of Belvedere in Vatican and then transferred in a specially-made one between San Peter Cathedral and the Apostolic Palace.

Pasquale Malaspina, poet and artist of that time, described Annone with these words: “The tamed elephant was brought in Belvedere, it danced with so much grace and love that a man could have barely danced better.”
All the reporters of that time talked about it as a very elegant animal, graceful and clever, which arose curiosity and great admiration when carried around the streets of Rome. Despite two specifically dedicated people from India who took care of it, the Pope gave the custody of the magnificent elephant, of which he admired its elegance, precisely to Pietro Aretino and Raphael, the two artists he had in his court. Raphael realized a magnificent painting of Annone commissioned by the Pope, but the mystery of the disappearance still weighs on it. The image of the beautiful pachyderm inlaid by Raphael, instead, still exists in the Vatican residence, exactly where the Pope wanted to have it. Annone by Pantheon Roma is a fragrance that seduces and hardly leaves you. It talks about the East with elegance. It stays in the heart and fixes on the skin.

Pantheon Annone Extrait de Parfum in 50ml presentation

Top Notes: Bergamot, Saffron, Mango
Heart Notes: Rose, Iris
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Nagarmotha, Oud

Pantheon Annone Extrait de Parfum in 100ml presentation

Pantheon Roma Annone will debut on 15 November 2018 as Extrait de Parfum 50 and 100ml.

Pictures and quotes – Pantheon Parfum Roma, grazie!