YVRA 1958 was one of Persefume’s Pitti Fragranze 2016 discoveries. The brand debuting with just one signature fragrance (what a refreshing change!) has been founded by renowned Dutch lifestyle journalist, globetrotter and socialite Yvo Van Regteren Altena (YvRA).

Yvo Van Regteren Altena

Was it predestination gently prompted by that oh, so prominent nose which graces generations of family members? Or was it that beloved uncle who shared the secrets of scents with his young nephew? Nature or nurture, or perhaps a bit of both? The fact remains: Yvo van regteren Altena (Haarlem, 1958) has always followed his nose. His fascination for perfume created a stir when as a teenager he proved his mettle at calling out the names of the most obscure scents while blindfolded.

yvra-doos-boekje-rev (1)

During our live conversation, it became quickly visible that Mr Van Regteren Altena has significant knowledge about world of fragrances, from vintage formulations to rare ingredients. YVRA 1958 scent, natural result of this fascination, was born from YVRA’s utterly successful Kickstarter project.

YVRA 1958 – promotional movie

The debut YVRA 1958 fragrance composed with help of perfumer Maarten Schoute (Drom) is modern take on classic Eau de Cologne genre, in much more concentrated (20%) and sophisticated version.
The scents opens with refreshing Calabrian lemon and Spanish Orange Flower, than moves to pepper oil from Madagascar, Indian cardamom and rare Caribbean ginger. Final warmth and masculine twist have been achieved by use of patchouli, sultry tonka beans and cedarwood.

yvra-doos-rev (1)

YVRA 1958 hints at the transparency of the classic eau de colognes with more pizzazz, aromatic drive and long-lasting capacity. A scent with a real lust for life, perfect after a refreshing shower or as a pick-me-up after an enervating long distance flight. YVRA strives to offer an alternative in a world dominated by synthetic aggressive scents that induce a hasty departure in place of a passionate embrace.

YVRA 1958 reportedly received great feedback from major worldwide noses – and what is our opinion?

For me it is very well-orchestrated Eau de Cologne with so much desired longevity. It is classic, timeless reminding me of some Acqua di Parma creations. Floating citrus notes lead to spicy, slightly retro heart of patchouli and musk. Not to mention ginger and cardamom which add nice refreshing kick. Great perfume for gentlemen!
Aleksandra thinks that YVRA 1958 should be worn globally to fully appreciate its potential. It has reinvigorating, unisex character of MFK’s Aqua Vitae while ginger present in the composition smells in truly natural way.

Sentence hidden on YVRA 1958’s label

YVRA 1958 is available as 100ml EdP (ca. 120 EUR) from the official e-shop. Samples in form of refreshing sachets (so perfect for travels) are also being offered (5 EUR/3 pcs.).

Yvo Van Regteren Altena has also recently collaborated with Dutch company Travelteq on special slim briefcase accompanied with refillable 20ml leather YVRA 1958 atomizer (limited edition; 295 EUR available here).

YVRA x Travelteq briefcase

Moreover, I have had chance to smell preview version of the second YVRA’s scent – expect very spicy, peppery and bit darker composition! Hope to report more on this novelty soon from the upcoming Esxence.

Quotes and pictures – YVRA 1958, additional info – Travalteq.