Visionary Italian artist and musician Filippo Sorcinelli is expanding his creative universe with two new projects: Crisalid Aurea Home Design collection inspired by Atelier LAVS and what is more important for Persrfume readers: I remember when in Mondolfo… – new interior scents line based on Filippo’s childhood memories from his hometown Mondolfo.

Both projects will debut at prestiguous STRAFHotel designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis during Fuorisalone, the important show in connection with Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and the Milano Design Week 2019 from the 9th to the 14th of April.

CRISALID AUREA, “chrysalis aurea”, is the first home design collection by Filippo Sorcinelli: objects woven in black material declined in unusual and exclusive techniques combined with skilful geometric embroidery in gold threads and authentic hard stones. A binomial of excellence that combines ancient and modern. Real sculptures, highly collectible, whose “canonical” forms undergo violent changes, almost like the process of the metamorphosis of a chrysalis. Layering of materials of various origins, which prolong the life of these works, as they react and change over time with their contradictions and their culture. A journey into the material that captures, affects and provokes emotions.

The hall of the STRAFhotel, in via San Raffaele 3 will be the setting and will enter into communication with the material and sensorial installations specially designed and created by Filippo Sorcinelli, who has always made his work coincide with the art. There will be three points of the hotel that make up the journey of the handworks made and merged with video projections to the limit of emotional vertigo and experiential sound rooms with mirrored reflections, as if it were a concert of restless and wonderful experiences that involve all the senses.

I remember when in Mondolfo… it is a collection of five fragrances that describe moments of adolescence of Filippo in the city of Mondolfo, in the Marche region. Five candles / sculpture in smoked ceramic material, and five interior diffusers for the environment that recount, move with their immediacy the senses and warm the soul:

Santa Giustina, the church that has become the motor and food of all the artistic experiences of Filippo.

Fico e Ferro (Fig tree and Iron), tree of house with branches tied by wire, and where Filippo climbed to play helped by his father.

Pallone col Bracciale (Ball with Bracelet), historic sport with the smells of leather and wood among the oldest in Italy and still practiced in Mondolfo.

Maria Luisa, a gentle and silent woman, with a passion for embroidery on linen and the scent of lily of the valley, who has supported the artistic studies of Filippo

Arancia e Camino (Orange and Camino), a traditional and simple gesture that smells smoky citrus fruits.

Special launch party is planned from Tuesday 9th April from 6.30 pm in the hall of the STRAFhotel with Greta La Medica dj set and Pau Masclans performer. We won’t be there – but the I remember when in Mondolfo… home collection is also coming two weeks later to Esxence The Scent Of Excellence.

Picutres and quotes – Filippo Sorcinelli, grazie!