Persefume has followed Gustave Eiffel Parfums since beginnings of this French perfume house (read our “He says, she says” review of the first offerings here and article on the last year’s La Rivière des Parfums here ). Now we have pleasure to announce two new Gustave Eiffel creations debuting during upcoming Esxence – The Scent of Excellence.

Gustave Eiffel

While initial fragrances have been dedicated to Eiffel’s iconic constructions, the new fragrances are being focused on his received awards.

Gustave Eiffel, the French visionary engineer left a historical record thanks to his great architectural achievements. So many important living works, scattered on all continents still stand proof today of the vision and exceptional know-how of the Engineer of the Universe called the «Iron Magician». Gustave Eiffel is also well known for all his works about aviation, meteorology. In 1909, he set up an aerodynamic laboratory physical properties on the shape of airplane wings. He also installed a meteorological laboratory on the tower and he built a wind tunnel for scientific experiments. That’s why, during his life, he received lots of honors and awards. In a letter to his daughter Valentine, he recommended his book in which he wrote to leave a historical record of all his scientific and industrial career with the awards and honors he received.

The new scents in the range are:


Couronne d’Italie is inspired by the award of Commander of the Crown of Italy given to Gustave Eiffel. The fragrance starts sparking notes with lemon, grapefruit and orange. The floral heart with Gardenia, jasmine orchid and purple pink is balanced with fruity notes like leaf tomato, rhubarb and green apple. Finally the fragrance softened by a woody and oriental background with cedar, white musk, vanilla.


Anne de Russie is inspired by the award of Commander of St. Anne of Russia given to Gustave Eiffel. The fragrance starts with hesperid notes of bergamot and mandariN. The floral heart with rose, jasmine, lily of the valley is sustained by bergamot leaf and spicy notes. Finally the fragrance reveals animal and oriental notes of castorum, amber, musk, leather, benzoin, vanilla and heliotrope.

Both new creations will be available as Eaux de Parfum, look for our review after Esxence.

Pictures and quotes: merci to Corinne Perrin of Fragrance Collection.