Today’s Persefume “He says, she says” by Jakub and Aleksandra is focusing on Wide Society – still relatively unknown French brand which debuted exactly year ago at Esxence show in Milano as new, independent project of Luc Gabriel’s The Different Company.

Idea of Wide Society is simple and clever: six travel-inspired fragrances in Absolu de Parfums concentration (technically between EdP and Extrait) composed by two well-known perfumers: Emille Coppermann and Alexandra Monet. The project is 100% eco-conscious (organic alcohol, natural raw materials, recyclable and recycled components) and affordable (brand sales directly to retail, without intermediaries).

For all six scents, customers can choose between three easy to carry options: Escapade (pouch with 3 x 10ml refillable bottles, 45 EUR each); Weekender (6 x 10 ml, 90 EUR) and 100ml Backpacker bottle (95 EUR) which serves both as biggest size and refill of 10ml flacons. Those who want to mix and match, can select their favourites to form customized Free Rider set of 6 bottles (90 EUR), moreover affordable Sample Sets (6 x 2ml, 15 EUR) are also available.
By the way, clever eye can esasily recognize the shape of 10ml bottles: they are also being used as travel refills for The Diferent Company‘s creations.

So let’s talk more about Wide Society offerings:


The anti-jetlag fragrance after hours and hours of travelling. A zen space for your senses! An uplifting whiff to reconnect. Because we do need it! A powerful Bergamot head note, which is followed by a cocktail of fresh infusions, Mint and Verbena. For a day at the office, a weekend in the city, or simply placed in your bathroom, find the right format to always carry with you a dose of freshness. A citrusy spirit in a practical format!

Nose: Alexandra Monet
Notes: Fresh Infusions, Mint, Verbena, Bergamot

He – Refreshing, bright and happy citrus fragrance! Hint, hint: works both as ant-jetlag and anti-hangover one! Loving it.

She – Cool bergamot heaven, suggested as an anti-jetlag perfume, it will also do in a gym and on the beach, when the air is hot. Pure, clean and simple.


Like a romance, the fragrance slides on your skin, always closer, warmer, more sensual, without bonds. Anything can happen… An overdose of Rose Absolute and Rose Essence, from Morocco and Turkey, of Sambac Jasmin on a Patchouli bed surrounded by Fur Musk. A perfume of an extreme sensuality.

Nose: Alexandra Monet
Notes: Rose Absolute, Rose Essence, Sambac Jasmin, Pacthouli, Fur Musk

He – Very nice modern chypre with very prominent rose accord. Reminds me a bit of the first Agent Provocateur.

She – Well-established rose, almost artificial, but it works fine for me, very persuasive I would say. A power-fragrance.


An eerie stroll, a whiff of oxygen in a bottle.We walk on clouds, lighthearted, we wander with a free spirit! Inspired by her trip in this mythical Argentine train of the same name (El Tren a las Nubes), Emilie created a sweet but sophisticated perfume, starting with the Angelic with herbal and slightly musky notes, passing by the Iris, the sumptuous one, to go to the Myrrh with warm and balsamic notes.

Nose: Emilie Coppermann
Notes: Angelic roots, Bergamot, Violet, Iris, Cyclamen, Vetiver, Myrrh, Musk

He – Nice. That was my first impression. Actually very nice, wrapping and comforting cloud of iris and violets.

She – Soft and powdery, with a moist fond, perfectly elegant and understated, very much a skin scent.


Like a cashmere throw we all want to carry with us to feel just at home, even at the far end of the world! A cocktail of Grapefruit, Sage, Cashmere Wood, Libanon Cedarwood on a bed of Amber, Incense and Musk.

Nose: Emilie Coppermann
Notes: Grapefruit, Sage, Cashmere wood, Lebanon Cedarwood, Amber, Incense, Musk

He – Do you remember those fruity vitamin drinks and jellies from your childhood? Yes, it is equally energetic bomb. Spray and smile!

She – The strongest and most energetic in the bunch, this perfume envelopes you in a fuzzy veil of all things wooden and balsamic with the slightes pinch of something green.


The magical moment, almost solar, after the turmoil of the day when we open the door of our hotel room… At last! SUITE #6 takes you into a sensual and refined universe, an oasis of sweetness to prepare you for captivating evenings. A smooth start with the Nashi Pear that leads to the Hazel Leaf and Sambac Jasmine, a solar note of Heliotrope and then the heat of Benzoin, Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Nose: Emilie Coppermann
Notes: Nashi Pear, Hazel tree leaves, Sambac Jasmin, Heliotrope, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vanilla

He – Very unique blend of fruits and flowers. I like it, though my hotel entrances smell quite different!

She – I actually don’t get the idea behind this mix, it smells strange, like a dried-up fruit salad on the floor.


When you sink into a classic and comfortable club chair. Lights are dimmed… Unwind, disconnect! A delicate combination of Rum, Pepper, Birch Wood, Vanilla, Saffron and Leather. Alexandra has developed a light, refined, sophisticated leather note, the atmosphere of luxurious travels aboard the clipper ships. The heart-shaped Iris, lightly powered, comes from the finest harvests of Iris Pallida, the splendid one, native of the hills of Tuscany.

Nose: Alexandra Monet
Notes: Rum, Chili, Birchwood, Vanilla, Saffron, Leather

He – Liqueur cherry chocolates covered with leather. Another addictive perfume!

She – My favourite, a solid leather base sprinkled with yummy ingredients. I especially like the thrashing plum, it really doesn’t take hostages!

Wide Society creations are available online in already mentioned sizes. We wish the brand big success and wider recognition – take a look on their webshop as the idea is both honest and unique!

Samples and quotes – Wide Society. Opinions – our own. Big thank you to company’s Founder – Luc Gabriel and house’s PR Sophie Gabriel.