The latest Persefume‘s “He says, she says” column by Jakub and Aleksandra is dedicated to this year’s No Boundaries Collection by Turkish niche house Nishane founded by Mert Guzel and Murat Katran. This new line presented in Spring 2019 is dedicated to art without limits. In this post we will review all six novelties from the line and conclude it with the full bottle giveaway.

Nishane’s No Boundaries Collection – photo by Persefume taken during the party in Milan, April 2019

Seeing the perfume creation as an important form of art; the main theme for the collections to be launched this year is “NO BOUNDARIES”. Art is driven by imagination so the only boundaries in art is the imagination. As a global brand now, manifesting that there should not exist any emotional boundaries between the people of the world no matter where they are from; NISHANE is willing to bridge the gaps with the perfumes created in collaboration with the important perfumers. To NISHANE, the scents are boundless like the expanding universe. NISHANE aims to remind the wearers of the perfumes listed above to imagine again and to start creating in the universe thanks to these vivid and beautiful scents filled with mystery.”

Jakub’s intro: Nishane is the house really close to Persefume’s heart. We have infomed about most of its novelties and it feels really good to observe constant Nishane’s growth and development in less than five years. Its story started in 2015 in Istanbul with Extraits by composed Jorge Lee – many of them really vowed me (Afrika Olifant, Musiqa Oud to name the few). Than came amazing Shadow Play Trilogy (including the bestselling Hacivat, one of the most memorable pineapple scents around); Rumi line – with my beloved Fan Your Flamesl “The Little Prince” duo and Colognise. “No Boundaries” is the surprising new chapter by Nishane – various perfumers, so different creations, yet all celebrating the real art of niche perfumery.

The collection comprises of:
ANI – Extrait de Parfum – 50 ml/100 ml – by Cécile Zarokian
NEFS – Extrait de Parfum – 50 ml – by Chris Maurice
UNUTAMAM – Extrait de Parfum – 30 ml – by Miguel Matos
MUSKANE – Demi Extrait – 100 ml – by Chris Maurice
FLORANE – Demi Extrait – 100 ml – by Chris Maurice
SAFRAN COLOGNISÉ – Extrait de Cologne – 100 ml – by Jorge Lee

Let’s review them all:

ANI – by Cécile Zarokian

ANI is a romantic and calm perfume created under the inspiration of a famous Anatolian folk song called “Sarı Gelin” (in Turkish) or “Sari Gyalin” in Armenian. As the similarity of the name of the song in both languages suggests that both nations share a very similar culture as far as art, food or other aspects of life are concerned. The only boundary is in the imagination of the
people. Under the theme of NO BOUNDARIES, the creative directors Murat Katran and Mert Guzel collaborated closely with the talented perfumer Cécile Zarokian to create this enchanting scent named “ANI”.
ANI is the name of an ancient city situated on the eastern border of Turkey, across the Arpaçay (Akhurian) River from Armenia, lies the empty, crumbling site of the once-great metropolis of Ani, known as “the city of a 1001 churches.” Founded more than 1,600 years ago, Ani was situated on several trade routes, and grew to become a walled city of more than 100,000 residents by the 11th century. In the centuries that followed, Ani and the surrounding region were conquered hundreds of times by different nations. The World Heritage Committee included the Ani Ruins in Turkey on UNESCO’s World
Heritage List. Ruled by a dizzying array of kingdoms and empires over the centuries – from the Byzantines to the Ottomans – the city of Ani once housed many thousands of people, becoming a culturalhub and regional power. Today, it’s an eerie, abandoned city of ghosts that stands alone on a plateau in the remote highlands of northeast Turkey, 45km away from the Turkish border city of Kars.
As you walk among the many ruins, the only sound is the wind howling through a ravine that marks the border between Turkey and Armenia. This perfume is dedicated to ruin any border between people and to empower the wearer to build his/her own empire even in a situation when all he/she is left with nothing but the ruins. ANI also means “memory” in Turkish and during the creation process of the scent, Cem Karabacak, the beloved friend of the creators of NISHANE passed away. NISHANE dedicates this scent to the loving memory (ANI) of Cem Karabacak.

Top notes: Bergamot, green notes, blue ginger, pink pepper
Middle notes: Blackcurrant, Turkish rose, cardamom
Base notes: Patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla,benzoin, ambergris, musk, sandalwood

He – Breathtaking beauty, the perfume with the unifying mission and fascinating story. It is more than just vanilla aroma: the fragrance with comforting, almost healing abilities. Starting like lemon pie and transforming into sensual gourmand cocoon. It lasts forever which also makes it the must have for colder months. Ani already got quite cult status and I can totally see why.

She – Exuberant, fruity vanilla which is too strong to wear it even in a minute quantity. Were it diluted (mind the fact it comes in Extrait de Perfume concentration) it would work better for me. As with many Nishane compositions, I can appreciate it or even be astounded by it, but what’s its use? A perfumed object I suppose. The vanilla-blackcurrant mix makes it a predatory perfume.

NEFS – by Chris Maurice

Upon the unending requests by the fans worldwide for releasing a truly oriental scent to please even the ones who are not that into oriental scents, NISHANE proudly presents the precious perfume named as “NEFS” a luxurious interpretation of the oriental notes. NEFS (having Arabic roots) has some meanings like self, personality, ego, human soul or desire. In Turkish, it generally refers to the desires of the soul. The creative directors targeted to create a sensual scent to revive the fantasies told by the stories of One Thousand and One Nights of the Orient. NISHANE invites everyone to feel the breeze that comes from the East.

Top notes: Honey, violet, sage, saffron, fig
Middle notes: Rose, osmanthus, geranium, jasmine, nutmeg
Base notes: Amber, whiskey, oud, cinnamon, cedarwood, gurjum, leather, vanilla

He – Nishane’s creators unveiled NEFS as the really luxurious, truly Oriental gem. And it really is, especially considering the fact that its perfumer is a master of powerful, Arabic perfumes. However, despite Nefs’ creamy floral undertones combined with oud and booze, something seems to be lacking here for me. Perhaps I should revisit it in the near future.

She – What a strange concoction. Violet and juicy fig? Sounds like a counterpoint, but not really wearable for my taste. Cloying in the first phase, it gets more usable later, with a slight woody booze, but still, not stellar.

MUSKANE- by Chris Maurice

NISHANE launches a new collection called “ICONS COLLECTION” which will be presented in 100 ml bottles and the concentration will be called “Demi Extrait” because the scents will include lesser concentration than the “Extrait de Parfum Collection” of NISHANE. Starting with the first two scents of the collection, each particular scent that will be released in collection will have its own icon/logo referring to the name of the scent. The first scent of the collection is MUSKANE as it features the clean musk as the dominant note of this perfume. The powdery structure of this floral and fruity musk perfume will make it addictive and further noticeable.

Top notes: Raspberry
Middle notes: Rose, violet, amber
Base notes: Musk, vanilla

He – Uncomplicated musky perfume – perfect for layering, really comfy and wearable. Perhaps not groundbreaking, yet really solid entry.

She – this one is a solid old-timer with new clothes worn in a comfortable, perhaps little nonchalant way. Deep, thick fur, still clean as a whistle. It may be underestimated in power and projection. Really like it! Check-mate type of a perfume.

FLORANE – by Chris Maurice

The second scent of the collection is FLORANE as it features florals as the dominant notes of this perfume. FLORANE will help the wearer feel the alluring traits of the flowers that will follow them everywhere adding much to their personal charm.

Top notes: Grapefruit, cassis
Middle notes: Violet, muguet, jasmine, amber
Base notes: Hinoki, musk, vanilla

He – Worn alone it turns to be quite forgettable and soft floral fragrance, but the result is much better when layered with Muskane – maybe this is the way to understand this duo.

She – It seems we aren’t meant to be together, this perfume smells bad on me as simple as it gets. It seems strangely numb in this otherwise interesting range.


In 2018, NISHANE had launched COLOGNISÉ which is a tribute to the Turkish tradition of offering lemon cologne in splash bottles to the guests as an inherent way of showing hospitality. After the global success of Colognisé, NISHANE has decided to extend the “Extrait de Cologne Collection” with the new offerings that will still remind the original Colognisé but will have a different take on some accords for different tastes. The first addition to this line is SAFRAN COLOGNISÉ. As the name suggests, it is the version of Colognisé with a dominant saffron note to give the formula a stronger sense of self-confidence and luxury feeling.

Top notes: Cedrat, passion fruit, pink grapefruit
Middle notes: Saffron, magnolia, pink pepper
Base notes: Musk, ambergris, leather

He – I own Colognise, my secret, refreshing weapon for after long gym sessions and hot and humid days. This variation brings new dimension into the original and I am loving this additional saffon twist. Hopefully more Colognise flankers are in works, count me in!

She – First: I love the original, joyful and bright Colognise, so I expected much of it. And I’m a bit disappointed, as it smells artificial on my skin. It’s not saffron that spoils the fun – it’s something watery, salty and slightly bitter that shifts the perfume towards ozone, calone space that I truly hate and omit.

UNUTAMAM – by Miguel Matos

Under this year’s main theme “No Boundaries”, NISHANE felt delighted to launch a new series called “EXPERIMENTAL COLLECTION” to be presented in 30 ml flacons, with which NISHANE aims to address the beast-like and seductive sides of the humanity with the bold perfume creations. Such human behavior has no boundary across the globe and artistic perfumery should focus more on such moods just like the other forms of art do very often. In this respect, NISHANE worked with Miguel Matos to come up with this truly intriguing and seductive scent. As the main idea behind the experimental collection, NISHANE leaves the final decision to the wearer to feel which mood of the humanity that UNUTAMAM addresses. The name “UNUTAMAM” means “I can not forget” in Turkish. And the inspiration behind this perfume is the song “Unutamam” composed by the legendary artist Sezen Aksu and performed by many singers. Miguel Matos is a fan of Ebru Gündes – one of the strongest female singers of Turkey – who had also performed this song. NISHANE strongly believes that both the wearer and the people surrounding him/her will not be able to forget about this scent.

Top notes: Lavender, rosemary, mint, juniper
Middle notes: Jasmine, carnation, patchouli, amber, oregano
Base notes: Castoreum, cistus, oakmoss, caramel

He – Fragrance composed by rising star of perfumery and my long-time friend, Miguel Matos. Passing 2019 year was truly busy for this Portugese nose, but that’s actually the subject for another Persefume’s articles. Unutamam is one of its kind – strong, smoky and herbal. Can describe it as highly conceptual, theatrical, yet at the same time wearable – the effect which reminds me of Zoologist’s T-Rex.There is darkenss here, but also the voice of nostalgy. “Unutamam” means “I can not forget” – and this is true: this perfume can not be forgotten. I have ended up with the full bottle.

She – I wanted to love it form many reasons, beginning with the name, ending on my unfulfilled sympathy for castoreum, but it’s so bigger than life! Again, even one spray is way too much for me. And there’s lot to bear. Believe me, you want to befriend this dark, sweet, animal monster, as it takes no hostages. The opening may be misleading – there’s fresh burst of lavender and juniper, but even there, when you look closely, you can feel the sheer brutality of brown, muscular body underneath. And then it gets bigger and fuller with animalic, sweet and heavy notes, to the extend I need to wash it down, because it dominates all my perception and all the senses. The monster has lavender wings, that’s why it’s so omnipotent.


Thanks to Nishane’s genorosity, we are offering full size bottle of any Nishane creation from this, or previous collections (Nefs excluded) to one lucky reader! Which of those reviewed scents appeal to you the most?
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This is also our last post in 2019 – we will be back in early January, best Happy New Year wishes to our readers!

Pictures, samples and quotes by Nishane, opinions – our own.