In today’s Persefume‘s “He says, she says” by Jakub and Aleksandra we discuss new, truly exclusive French house: Le MONARQUE Paris. With this entry, we are happy to bring you the first ever review of all five Extraits de Parfum by this unique Parisian house.

Le Monarque Paris – photo by Roberto Greco

Every perfume LE MONARQUE is a true work of art: exceptional, original, rare, ephemeral… What a more perfect emblem for our House than the very famous Monarch butterfly, as beautiful and royal as ephemeral, engaging in journeys of thousands of kilometers, in a migration as incredible as impressive. In the same way, LE MONARQUE Paris is the ambassador of splendor, beauty, rarity, and ephemeral, in the image of the magic offered by these butterflies. As all veritable work of art, Le MONARQUE fragrances are unique and extremely rare. Every original creation is produced only in a LIMITED EDITION of 1 000 numbered flacons. Consequently, the access to every perfume LE MONARQUE is extremely confidential throughout the world and for a very short time period. Every numbered perfume bottle is accompanied by its Certificate of Authenticity. Veritable member card, this certificate integrating the NFC technology is also the guarantee for our privileged customers that only 1 000 individuals in the world will be able to wear this original fragrance. Furthermore, our members owning a numbered flacon LE MONARQUE have exclusive access to the recharge of their fragrance, thus assuring them a personal exclusive olfactory signature for life.

Le Monarque Paris – numbered plate

LE MONARQUE is, above all, a veritable work of art, being an original creation signed by a world-renowned perfumer. Absolutely no artistic or marketing directions were communicated for these compositions, thus entirely privileging the artists’ genius and creativity during the creation process. No limitations of any kind were imposed to the master perfumers, in order to give them complete freedom to create and innovate, to allow them to employ in their compositions the most exclusive and noble of ingredients, the purest essential oils, the rarest absolutes, the most exceptional harvests, thus realizing the most audacious and original perfumes, veritable masterpieces of the artist. As for any real artistic creation, the formulae is never revealed, remaining the very well-kept secret of every perfumer.

As mentioned above, LE MONARQUE Paris does not disclose notes of its compositions, also Founders of the House prefer to stay in the shadow, in order to bring full attention to the final product. Le Monarque’s scents have been indeed created by top noses: Luca Maffei of Atelier Fragranze Milano, Stéphanie Bakouche and Cécile Zarokian. What is our verdict?


Le Monarque I – photo by Roberto Greco

Accord: Floral Fresh

“The garden of Eden… The scent of pure happiness captured in a most elegant bouquet, fresh, subtle and soft, sublimating the natural beauty of flowers adorning this real paradise… ” – Luca Maffei

He – Green, bold floral with the statement. Feels rich, slightly green, in the vein of 80’s. I quite like it! What can I say here already: all Le Monarque creations are dense and long-lasting, you can feel the best quality of ingredients, no savings here. I normally find those “exclusivity” concepts quite prententious, but in this particular case it feels natural and justified.

She – The least favourite of the series, so I suggest not to start with number one. It’s mainstramy floral, rich and opulent but with a strange, artificial rose vibe. Even smelling it from my wrist makes me tired.


Le Monarque II – photo by Roberto Greco

Accord: Woody Fresh

“Magical moment on the seaside under the rain, contemplating a horizon animated by the rhythm of the waves crushing against the rocks all around… The mystical voyage has begun, carried away by the embalming breeze mixing at perfection the smell of rain melting into the wet stone…” – Luca Maffei

He – Oh, what a beauty! The perfect combination of earthy and sea aromas. Contemplative, mysterious, again confirming huge talent and risking skills of Luca Maffei.

She – Beautiful, cool woods and incense, which reminds me of green Zagorsk by CdG. The balsamic air, the fresh whiff of lime and conifer, almost menthol-like. There’s this unique feeling of cool water here, but with no calone added, which is good news for me. Refreshing elegance, my favourite from the line.


Le Monarque III – photo by Roberto Greco

Accord: Sparkling Gourmand

“Memory of a festive sunset with friends on the beach. Nothing more entrancing than a wooden fire warming up the atmosphere, mixing colorful, gourmand and sensual perfumes… The rhythm and the intensity increase with the sun disappearing over the horizon, announcing the beginning of a night full of surprises! ” – Stéphanie Bakouche

He – This one did not leave any deep impression on me. It is woody, dusty, slightly gourmand, but somehow less bold comparing to the other Le Monarque creations.

She – I feel licorice and most of all – chocolate of great quality, and maybe a dash of coffee. Slightly bitter, wonderfully opened by lavender note. It looks at you with focused attention, but in a friendly manner. It turns a bit too sweet in time.


Le Monarque IV – photo by Roberto Greco

Accord: Floral Oudh

“A most vibrant concert of petals release their enchanting power and blend to perfection in a magical, dark, velvety, alluring elixir… Hypnotic fantasy of a magnetic rose potion without the rose…” – Luca Maffei

He – Oriental, sexy, quite nocturnal. Oud? Mysterious aura? Both checked! Smell of power.

She – The most fruity one, it opens with a green, moist accord of a non-existent species related to grapes. Almost immediately it gets more profound whit a plum note, probably macerated in alcohol and changed by the clasical fungus – hence the oud note. It tastes like a heavy, summer compote with a powdery note making it inedible.


Le Monarque V – photo by Roberto Greco

Accord: Spicy Wood

“A carnal composition, playing on the contrasts of a « coup de foudre »… Explosive cold, bright accents symbolizing the love at first sight blend at perfection with the overwhelming feeling of charm, seduction and consuming desire… Incontrollable fatal attraction…” – Cécile Zarokian

He – Sharp incense, smoke, some pepper, but all brought into extremely concentrated level. The most ambitious work of Cécile Zarokian so far.

She – – The most Oriental of the bunch, it opens with a deep wood and smoke accord, heavy with styrax and tonka. Fortunately they don’t last forever and the perfume rises higher and higher to achieve this perfect level of something sacred – for a while as it won’t stop oscilating between hot and cold for a long time.

LE MONARQUE Paris Extraits de Parfum are presented in made-to-measure flacons adorned with a 23 karat gold-plated plaque, engraved and enameled by hand with numbers from 000 to 999 and housed in luxurious and original hand-made wooden chests. Those 100ml coffrets cost between 395 and 495 EUR depending on the scent, owners of particular fragrance are then allowed to buy 100ml recharge (160-260 EUR). Available from the official e-boutique, Jovoy Paris and London, Philippe K. Haute-Parfumerie and Roja Parfumeries in Iran.

Pictures, samples and quotes – Le Monarque Paris. Opinions – our own.