In our today’s Persefume “He says, she says” by Jakub and Aleksandra we will present you Gustave Eiffel Parfums – line of five fragrances brought to life by Philippe Coupérie-Eiffel – direct descendent of iconic French architect and Fragrance Collection, company responsible for the success of Franck Boclet fragrances. The brand was launched two years ago at Esxence – The Scent of Excellence and is now expanding, with Russia, Germany and Middle East as the current main markets.

All Gustave Eiffel Parfums relate to cities with the most famous Gustave Eiffel’s works. Bottles designed by sculptor Cosimo Greco hide creations composed by two talented Robertet perfumers: Sidonie Lancesseur (who does not know her fragrances for e.g. By Kilian!) and Dorothée Piot (we love her scents for Jul et Mad). Let’s try Eiffel’s offerings then!

Tribute to Eiffel Tower! Composed by Sidonie Lancesseur.

Top notes: cassis, freesia
Middle notes: rose, jasmine, peach
Base notes: woody notes, white musk, moss

He – Rather classic, cold and elegant take on rose. Solid work, but do not expect any coziness and warmth here. Rose de Paris will welcome you with French class and distant beauty.

She – The initial blast reminds me of the great Paestum Rose, but it fades in the blink of an eye into something definitely more metallic, cool and acetate-like (just on the verge of being noticable – this is how jasmin begins, probably). Then it gets green, airy, similar to Eau de Protection Rossy de Palma by EldO. Still it’s somehow harsher, perhaps too abstract – not my kind of rose.

Linked to Asia, where Gustave Eiffel designed such constructions like the Long Bien bridge in Hanoi. Composed by Sidonie Lancesseur.

Top notes: lotus, freesia
Middle notes: white lily, jasmine, peony
Base notes: woody accords, amber, musk

He – Green, green, green! Smells delicate, flowery, very Asian indeed. Fragile, innocent scent, but composed with great attention to details.

She – Delicious tropical scent, sounds very naturally. The most prominent flowers here are freesia and peony, and they are lush and dewy. All bouquet is splendid, like it was never cut or pulled out of the ground – these are living flowers.

Related to Gustave Eiffel’s skeleton of New York’s Statue of Liberty. Composed by Sidonie Lancesseur.

Top notes: bergamot, black pepper, pink pepper
Middle notes: iris butter, jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood
Base notes: vetiver, tonka bean, musk, cashmere wood

He – Quite unsusual, even bit conceptual take. It smells woody, somehow plastic and synthetic, it reminded me of freshly-printed money’ aroma. It seems to be desired, so New York effect though.

She – The mix of jasmin, iris, vetiver and bergamot produces the weirdest, acetate-woody accord on my skin. I don’t think it was deliberate! The thing fades quickly enough to be wearable though – and after all it’s elegant, juicy, slim and a bit elusive, dreamy, as if someone was somnambulic in the grate-grid streets of New York.

Related to Eiffel’s involvement in the Panama Canal works. Composed by Sidonie Lancesseur.

Top notes: peach, violet, cardamom
Middle notes: cinnamon, nutmeg;
Base notes: musk, sandalwood, vanilla, amber

He – Spices, violets and lovely, elegant peachy facet. My reaction was simple: it made me smile.

She – This is definitely a relative to Feminite du Bois family (along with various variations by Serge Lutens starting with “Bois”, Keiko Mecheri “Genie du Bois” etc.). And as I love this fairy-like, yet real family, I also adore Bois de Panama. It starts with this unforgettable fruit-violet accord to plunge deeper and deeper into the woods territory. That’s also when the cinnamon kicks in, adding an oriental vibe of the powdery, fiery cloud. Luminous, mysterious and enchanted scent, I enjoy wearing it a lot.

Tribute to Maria Pia viaduct over Douro in Portugal. Composed by Dorothée Piot.

He – The best of Eiffel comes here! Bold, boozy, spicy and so lush. For me the most complex from the whole line. Instant love!

She – Stunning fragrance! The head is like no other – boozy, sweet and dreamy, voluptous and predatory at once. I would love to drink potion tasting like this! In time the scent becomes more demanding, with the storm of spices banging at your nose. It’s easy to lose it here, to feel overwhelmed, in the same way that Aziyade makes you feel small and poor in the face of all this luxury. But carry on, bear with it and it will reward you with the most comforting quilt of warmth – wearing this can feel like home during winter holidays. I love it! Great work!

Gustave Eiffel Parfums will be presented at Esxence this year as well, with participation of Mr Eiffel, so let us hope for the further expansion – as it is totally deserved! All scents are availablle as Extraits de Parfum (240 EUR) which we have used for this review and new lighter Eaux de Parfum (125 EUR).

Picture, samples and quotes – Fragrance Collection. Opinions – our own.