In the newest “He says, she says” series by Jakub and Aleksandra we are focusing on Grandiflora Fragrance – refined floral collection developed in Grasse by Sydney based Florist Saskia Havekes.

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Grandiflora collection

Grandiflora is not the new project, yet in Fall 2017 it has been fully relaunched, with the updated image, 50ml bottles and the latest release – Boronia. We had a chance to take part in this spectacular event full of fresh flowers, champagne and most of all – great conversations with both Saskia Havekes and nose behind Boronia – Master Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour.

Grandiflora at Pitti Fragranze – photo by Persefume

The current Grandiflora’s collection comprises of five creations – here come our reviews, including more detailed Aleksandra‘s take:


The story of this fragrance begins millions of years ago. Magnolias are so ancient their pollination required beetles. Bees, like humans, did not exist at the dawn of the flowers existence. Drawn to the ancient enigma, the Magnolia grandiflora tree of Michel Roudnitska’s childhood summers planted a seed. “I was so fascinated by this unusual scent I decided that one day I would reproduce it. It took forty years to fulfill this dream and the right person to launch it.” The meeting between Saskia and Michel in Grasse was a union of hemispheres and ideals: a dream of a rare flower finally allowed to open.

He – Fascinating focus on magnolia resulting in floral, with citrus and green vibes. Masterpiece, though for me rather to admire on someone else – I had the strange feeling that this scent is wearing me, not the opposite.

She – Very green, waxy and round, despite the edgy, watery, almost metallic note in the background. I can clearly feel fleshy petals, the cubature of leaves, the volume of the scent which pumps up the space. The ingredients are really numerous here: rose, lemon, geranium, lilly of the valley, jasmine, musk – all come together in perfect harmony to recreate something very original. These are rich, full-flesh perfumes, though flesh is perhaps not the best word here – more a healthy, able body. Fascinating piece of art!


He – Ethereal, delicate floral beauty which made me really emotional. The last scented gift of Sandrine Videault whose Manoumalia was one of my biggest fascinations.

She – Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine is more of the spiritual world – fragile and exuberant, visibly aldehydic, bright. It blows with the wind, plumes in it. Very zen-like perfume.


This beautifully orchestrated fragrance joins Grandiflora’s suite of florals and is an encore for Michel Roudnitska, the creator of Magnolia grandiflora Michel. His artistry has again achieved, with great subtlety, a spiritual integrity that captures the glory and intensity of this almost devout white flower. His Madagascan jasmine interpretation may rank among the classics. Elegance of lush Stephanotis Floribunda and green, fresh elements.

He – Mission fully accomplished: the aroma of stephanotis is recreated in the very realistc way. It smells elegant, radiant, truly alluring. First rays of sunshine bottled.

She – What’s there to add to the perfection of the very flower? Nothing. But to recreate it like this is a mastery. And this is exactly what happened here. The famous jasmine scent as it is in the air transcripted to the skin. Huge respect to the creators.


With unique insight Bertrand Duchaufour has thrown a noose of light around the fragrance of Queen of the Night. The flower that famously blooms for one night a year and dies in the dawn is simply one of nature’s most beautiful, most fleeting scents. Yet here it is; a captivating mix of memory and desire, of love itself without regret.

He – I used to have Queen of the Night plant and its bloom always left me sleepless and enchanted by this glorious, unforgettable aroma. Duchaufour’s take on this rare flower is regal, very lush. Queen of the Night is no longer one-night miracle, it blooms, shines and seduces.

She – What a heavenly abundance of shapes and colours were brought here by Bertrand Duchaufour! Queen of the Night dances fiercely on my skin from the very beginning. Definitely a floral, it possesses an oriental vibe to it, rich and opulent, which stands in contrast with the origin of the very scent: a night flowering cactus, which lasts only few hours and ceases before dawn. Te initial energy of this perfume promises to last forever, and there’s something very true to it – when one truly lives, one doesn’t ruminate over a short life-span of almost every life. This perfume is so much present, I love its one hundred percent dedication just to be, to exist, to give and take as much as one are able to. A true queen of flowers, sheer, gorgeous, strong and ready to die. This intricate fragility makes it even more precious.


The delightful paradox of this native Australian is how such an unpretentious flower has a fragrance so valued and memorably vivid. Pollinated by just one type of tiny, day-flying moth, itself dependent for survival on the flower makes it one of the world’s rarest botanical miracles. This is Bertrand Duchaufour’s second composition for Grandiflora. With his legendary skill and insight he has touched the complexity of Boronia with exquisite hints of cassis and freesia, of sunburnt hay, hemlock and immortelle absolute. These and his other intrigues create a fragrance for the senses as well as for the engaged mind.

Nose: Bertrand Duchaufour
Notes: Boronia, green notes, apricot, woods, resins, cognac, floral notes, black tea, tobacco, suede, caramel

He – Boronia was listed on our list of the best Pitti Fragranze’s and revisiting the scent, my opinion remains unchanged: it is sublime, floral, with resinous, hay and caramel undertones. Masterpiece, with easily recognizable Bertrand Duchaufour’s olfactive signature.

She – Boronia – “the sensible one” is what you think first. I almost see an English duchess in it: slim, strict and smart. Of course, it’s only a mask she wears to hide deeper characteristics and passions.  So, it’s sense and sensibility in one. Truly, she’s wild at heart, but she won’t let it show easily. First you need to accept her white shirt and yellow, corseted dress of tea, suede and woods – all as dry as her sense of humour. Only then she unfolds her strange heart: pulsating in brackets, vibrating in a narrow range, ready to set itself free. A very unusual concoction, both elegant and extravagant, dry and lush. Perhaps that’s what we should expect from an antipode flower.

All Grandiflora Fragrance creations are available as Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray (145 USD) from the official website and authorised stockists including Luckyscent, Aus Liebe Zum Duft, Essenza Nobile and Mood Scent Bar.

Pictures, quotes and samples – Grandiflora. Opinions – our own.