Today’s Persefume “He says, she says” by Jakub and Aleksandra focuses on Eight & Bob Annicke Collection, series of six scents inspired by Albert Fouquet‘s love. This house had always very bold storytelling, so we will move straight to the fragrances and if you want more the inspiratio, please check this Annicke story.

Annicke Collection


Ode to the extraordinary beauty and innate elegance of a woman. Delicate notes of Lily of the Valley emit a feminine floral aroma. The sweet rosy notes of Peony are intoxicating. Uplifting and sensual notes of Mandarin leave a distinguished floral trail while enchanting Driftwood adds a light, earthy, warm undertone. Embrace your exquisiteness with this irresistible floral scent for women.

Top Notes: Ivy Leaves – Mandarin – Peony
Heart Notes: Cyclamen – Jasmine – Lilly of the Valley
Base Notes: Drift Wood – White Musk

He – So flowery, it is all about lily of the valley and peony on the comfortable woody-musky base. Green, optimistic, elegant, though rather too static. It smells like expensive soap and more refined incarnation of well-known feminine bestsellers.

She – Watery and harsh. It speaks of lily of the valley, but this flower seems to be very difficult to recreate in perfume. I wouldn’t think of it if I didn’t see it in the notes.


A tribute to elegant yet deliberate sensuality. Notes of Fig offer a fruity impression while Hazelnut adds a delicate touch of sugar. Sweet and herbaceous notes of Immortelle entice him with a fascinatingly rich, sexy, desirable aroma. Heavy yet sweet and fruity floral notes of Ylang Ylang evoke an innocently erotic aura. Gentle, effortless notes of Sandalwood caress this assortment of sweetness, creating an undeniable allure. Embrace the desirable with this irresistible fragrance.

Top Notes: Fig – Hazelnut – Mandarin
Heart Notes: Immortelle – Tuberose – Ylang-ylang
Base Notes: Cedarwood – Sandalwood – Vanilla

He – This is more interesting: flowers are being mixed with woods, creamy vanilla and nuts (if you know Pantheon Roma‘s creations you will easily recognize those nutty accords). Pretty original.

She – Once upon the time I would say it’s a milky and nutty beauty, but now I’m so sensitive to nuances that the addition of fig, refreshing as an idea, spoils this perfume with watery, artificial vibe. Immortelle is not properly counterbalanced which makes it rather too sweet for my taste.


Spicy floral notes of Bergamot are reminiscent of the decadence of the early 1920’s. The room smells of wood and amber as notes of Cashmeran accentuate the warmth of the room. Notes of White Rose emit an air of vintage femininity while exotic notes of Jasmine intoxicate men on the dance floor. From the dessert table, subtle hints of tangy Red Berries drizzled over sweet creamy Meringue captivate the senses. This extravagant fragrance will leave everyone in its path mesmerized.

Top Notes: Bergamot – Mandarin – Red Berries – Ylang-Ylang
Heart Notes: Gardenia – Jasmine – White Rose
Base Notes: Meringue – Cashmeran – Sandalwood

He – Lovely neo-chypre which might appeal to fans of e.g. classic L’Agent Provocateur, or Sisley‘s creations. Quite addictive.

She – It’s really nice, inoffensive and somewhat shy rose with a sweet, greenish gardenia infusion. Floral notes create a pleasant counterbalance to more vibrant, bold heart.


Stand beneath a luscious enchanted tree. Brush your fingertips across the rough bark of her trunk as you breathe in the woody, earthy, mossy undertones of Cashmeran and Oakmoss. A cool breeze flutters past as floral notes of Rose and Ylang Ylang are carried away. Succulent, enticing notes of Nectarine mesh with light, complex notes of fruity Blackcurrant Buds, making your mouth water. Immerse yourself in this voluptuous melody of arborous scents.

Top Notes: Blackcurrant Buds – Nectarine
Heart Notes: Rose – Jasmine – Ylang-Ylang
Base Notes: Patchouli – Cashmeran – Oakmoss

He – Lush white flowers (mostly ylang) on familiar base. Gorgeous, tropical, but it is quite a deja vu.

She – I mostly feel white flowers, even a tuberose-like vibe. Very lush and green, but intensive.


This refined fusion of floral and oriental features complex, full-bodied notes of Rum, together with nectarous golden honey. Soft delicate notes of Lily of the Valley compliment the distinctly spicy floral quality of Bergamot. Ambre and Patchouli anchor the scent. A dash of luscious Plum, a hint of Vanilla, and a touch of Caramel create an unexpected intense scent that leaves behind a sensual oriental trace.

Top Notes: Bergamot – Lily of the valley – Rum
Heart Notes: Honey – Plum – Ambre 84 DL
Base Notes: Vanilla – Caramel – Patchouli

He – Stunning beauty. Rum, carmelized amber, sweetness of honey and denisity of patchouli. Scent which lingers on the skin from morning until evening’s bath. Bold, decadent, yet not too cloying. I do realize it might have bit synthetic feel, but I stil do have soft spot for boozy sweetness (therefore the current return to Kilian’s Straight to Heaven). I might consider buying 30ml bottle of Annicke 5 as well.

She – I remember times when I would be bewitched by such a composition, but it was many great perfumes before. I know what they did here, I know what was intended and I remain unmoved. Sweet, milky white and oh-so artificial. A perfume for Dolores Abernathy in her early development stage.


A beautifully blended elixir that personifies the complex dimensions of a woman.Top notes of Bergamot and Carnation represent her classy sophistication juxtaposed by Sichuan Pepper to accentuate her sassy side. Heart notes of Rose and Ambre 84 DL soften the tone. Base notes of warm, rich Indian Sandalwood couple with tenacious Labdanum to round out this well-balanced mixture. Garnished with highly desired Benzoin, this unique aroma embodies the true value of its components.

Top Notes: Sichuan Pepper – Bergamot – Carnation
Heart Notes: Rose Abs – Cinnamon Madagascar – Amber
Base Notes: Sandalwood – Indian Labdanum – Benzoin

He – Quite remarkable – vibrant spices, wih ginger-like effect, again on the sweet, ambery de Laire base.

Summing up – testing this line was rather pleasent experience! Annicke 5 is actually on my current top list, followed by Annicke 3, 6, 2 and 4. The first entry in this Collection did not meet my expectations. I might add that I was not always the fan of brand, but this and other newer releases as green, airy and herbal Champ de Provence and smoky vetiver of Rolls Royce Limited Edition have changed my mind.

She – Perhaps the most accentuated composition of all, lush, juicy and vibrant. The fond, where caramel, milk and plum mix together is sort of interesting, but with my tendency for headaches I need to be careful with that, as one spritz lasts forever.

All Eight & Bob Annicke Collection fragrances are available as Eaux de Parfum in 100ml (160 EUR) and 30ml (60 EUR – pictured above) sizes. Coffret of 6 x 30ml fragrances (270 EUR) and 6 x 2ml Discovery Set (20 EUR) are also available through brand’s website.

Pictures and quotes – Eight & Bob press release. Samples – thank you, Perfumeria Quality Missala! Opinions our own.