Atelier des Ors founded by Jean-Philippe Clermont is one of few brands which never fail to impress. This “Haute Perfumery with Poetry” means sophisticated fragrances composed with truly refined ingredients.
Mr Clermont, always working with Firmenich perfumer Marie Salamange continues to create classy perfumes (check our reviews of Black Collection and brand’s two recent additions). Now Persefume‘s “He says, she says” by Jakub and Aleksandra brings you impressions on the latest launches presented last month in Milano: White Collection trio and Bois Sikar. We are concluding our article with the truly generous draw!

Jean-Philippe Clermont

About White Collection:

Atelier Des Ors unveils the White Collection. Three sumptuous fragrances with luminous accords, inspired by a heartfelt passion for the arts. White signifies purity, light, radiance, possibilities and joy of new beginnings. The new fragrances pay homage to the white space; the page, canvas, or an idea before its conception, at the point of materialising. Poets, writers, composers, artists and perfumers use the white space to reveal their art. The White Collection celebrates perfumery as the 8th art and brings meaning to the new creations.

The Search for Happiness is the central theme of Atelier Des Ors White Collection. Art Nouveau, Vienna’s Secessionist Group and Gustav Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze (1902) are key influences. This monumental art work was completed for the 14th Vienna Secessionist Exhibition to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Beethoven’s death. All three scents are connected by various orange tonalities – Orange Blossom, Blood Orange and Mandarin. The evocative scents and hues of orange, amber and honey represent radiance and golden light.

The Naked Truth
Part 1: The white space of hope and truth. Humanity stripped bare. The knight in shining, golden armour acts as the saviour of humankind.

An indelible lightness of being lies at the heart of Nuda Veritas, the beginning of a spiritual quest for the search for happiness. The perfume unfolds with a delicate floral heart of jasmine and osmanthus encased in layers of textural whiteness, full of hope and yearning. Humanity is connected to the earth and minerals through hints of moss. We look to the sky and seek the naked truth, laid bare in a transparent, watery haze with hints of patchouli and the gentle caress of ambroxan. A serene moment, simple and true.

Top: Bergamot, transluzone, orange flower petals
Heart: Jasmine sambac, Chinese jasmine absolute, osmanthus absolute, tiare flower
Base: Patchouli, tagete absolute, ambroxan, musk, oakmoss

He – There is some airy and otherwordly quality in Nuda Veritas. Delicate as wind, whispering, caressing. Transparent creation, the most gentle from the whole trio. It feels classic, yet does not fail to surprise.

She – I see it described as a white floral, but for my nose this is a marine, ozonic scent. Very fresh and watery, hesitating on the verge of being too fresh, metallic and unbearable for me, as I detest calonic notes. This one fortunately does not cross this thin line, but the very proximity makes it a dangerous perfume for me. Under the moisture I find lush, dewy petals and some citruses. I never detect the base mentioned in the notes, thanks to calone and its huge longevity.

Twilight of the Souls
Part 2: A quest for the balance between purity and temptation is omnipresent.

Crépuscule des Âmes is the twilight of the souls and a perfume to enslave the senses with fine spices and a warm golden glow. A second skin to wear in the dusky hours while the souls are at play, when we feel deep desires and the duality inherent in our consciousness. A radiating warmth that speaks to carnal pleasure and desire imbued with the furry intensity of Typhoeus. Incense, patchouli and hyraceum heat the primitive, animalic aura. For moments when we seek the truth, to find a way through temptation. An addictive, empowering fragrance with an element of intrigue.

Top: Mandarin, cardamom, clary sage
Heart: Hysope, incense, pimento berry
Base: Hyraceum infusion, patchouli

He – Instant love and for me one of the best 2018 releases so far! Crépuscule des Âmes combines everything I adore in perfumes: gorgeous cardamom, animalic warmth, decadent elegance, density. It simply feels and smells rich. The wow effect I am looking for smelling hundreds of fumes.

She – Powdery and animalic, with a unique softness evoking the most delicious peach skin. There’s sunshine in this, and a soft breeze, and the sweetness, but overall it’s very hard to name any note. Perhaps a chunk of orange in the head, then a delicate, floral note, which can be hyssop – which would make it quite similar to heliotrope. Maybe a pinch of patchouli, some coumarine. But overall this mixture is seamlessly blended into something bright, comforting and quite original.

Choir of Angels
Part 3: Salvation is found in art, poetry and music, bringing the search for happiness to its conclusion. The final opus is exuberant and joyous, culminating in a warm embrace.

Choeur des Anges is a poetic celebration of colour, scent and joie de vivre fused with blood orange, carrot seeds, radiant fruits and flowers. A symphonic creation inspired by the harmonious voices of angels. An ambrosia like golden nectar of osmanthus and honey that sings in harmony to the gods. A fragrance that connects to the primal desire for happiness, where salvation is found in lyrical ambered tones. A radiant and joyous experience. A cocooned embrace. A kiss to the whole world.

Top: Blood orange, blackcurrant, pear
Heart: Orange flower absolute, carrot seeds absolute, osmanthus
Base: Cedarwood, amber, Provencal honey

He – The happiness in the bottle, bold and lush oranges combined with luscious honey note. It smells like ambrosia – divine, stimulating, truly elegant. Can’t agree more with text of press release: it is comforting, so soothing golden nectar.

She – The most mainstream of the three, and also the most joyous. Vigorous, fruity opening is followed by more sensuous, lactonic florals in the heart, with a vibrant, salicylic orange note pervading through. Ambers and woods provide a smooth finish to this charming composition. I would say this one is very universal – you can wear it whenever you want, no matter your outfit. Enjoy!

Jean-Philippe Clermont did not also forget about his Black Collection presenting the latest addition: Bois Sikar, hommage to his previous career in the cigars business.


A beguiling tobacco scent with robust woody tonalities, that swirl against the heady vapours. The unique, smoky, peaty character of Islay’s single malt whiskey is simultaneously conjured to create the essence of Bois Sikar.

Top: Nutmeg, Precious woods
Heart: Guaiac wood, Styrax, Cedar Leaf
Base: Tobacco absolute, Cedar from Java

He – No compromises here! Smoky tar, dry tobacco – this is brave and deeply original creation with the statement! Not for the faint-hearted – I am truly happy that Atelier des Ors took this risk and launched so impressive fragrance.

She – First and foremost: this is tar perfume. Birch tar, softened by woods and resins, but the characteristic, smoked scent is what I detect the most. And I quite like it. It has a cool, pine-y aspect, but overall this composition evokes some very dark woods, under a strong, hot sun, that is unable to penetrate the firm canopy of leaves, but still warms what’s undercover.

Atelier des Ors White Collection trio is available as Eaux de Parfum 100ml, 195 EUR each while Bois Sikar is priced for 225 EUR.

And now GIVEAWAY TIME! Thanks to generosity of Atelier des Ors, we offer worldwide draw of one full-sized bottle! You can choose from the brand’s impressive line up – just comment under this post which scent appeals to you the most (comments are moderated, will appear after our approval). To qualify you should like both Persefume fanpage and one of Atelier des Ors social media channels on Facebook and/or Instagram. We will choose winner via – the draw is open until 21 May and results will be announced under this post day later – best luck!

Quotes, pictures and samples – Atelier des Ors. Opinions our own. Special thank you to Mr Clermont and Megan Paki from Atelier des Ors.